Iphone 5s Unboxing ahead of it’s actual date launch


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    Iphone 5s Unboxing ahead of it’s actual date launch

    While waiting for the actual launch of the Apple Iphone 5s this Friday, Sept. 20, someone from the DGTLE Chinese forum just unboxed the Iphone 5s and the 5c, and as usual it is still a very simple and minimalist box, and inside is the typical, lightning cable, wall mount charger, earpods and the unit itself.

    So now everyone has an Idea on what’s inside the box before purchasing well will that cut-off the excitement for some Apple Fanboys? let’s see in the next upcoming weeks for tons of unboxing videos and of course a review. Hoping that someone can send me gift of this one and I promise I will be a very good boy for the whole year LOL!

    Feel free to leave a comment on what do you think about the design of the new Iphone 5s and 5c can it still regain its throne as the most advanced smart phone in the world?



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