How to convert videos to .webm (VP9) for YouTube using Adobe Premiere


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    How to convert videos to .webm (VP9) for YouTube using Adobe Premiere

    YouTube recently announced that they started encoding YouTube videos in VP9 which has a better quality without increasing the bandwidth usage plus also a very smaller file size. In this tutorial I will show you on how easy it easy to create your own VP9 video content for YouTube using Adobe Premiere.

    First is you need to download the plugin for the Adobe Premiere at Github the AdobeWebM and choose the right platform for you if you’re a Windows or a Mac user.

    Once downloaded you will have a ZIP file extract it and you will see 2 files the Readme.txt and the WebM.prm plugins for Adobe Premiere simply copy the WebM.prm to the Adobe Plugin MediaCore directory:

    WebM Premiere.bundle -> /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore

    WebM.prm -> C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore

    For older versions of Premiere, replace “7.0” with “CS6” or whatever.

    After Installing Open Adobe Premiere and open your project then export using media encoder by pressing CTRL + M or File > Export > Media.

    Now in the Export Settings click the Format and choose > WebM.

    Click the Video Tab and choose the settings you want you will see the VP9 and also the Methods you want to use for the encoding. Default settings is ok it has no huge difference with a high quality H.264 codec

    More of the details on the methods here.

    There are also tutorials for other tools in case you’re not using the Adobe Media Encoder.

    There you go that’s how easy it is to convert your video for a .webm format with VP9 codec you will see the difference when playing a full 1080p video it’s faster and has the same quality as the H.264.

    Video converted to .MP4 (H.264) 8.4MB

    Video Converted to .webm (VP9) 1.87MB (Constant Quality)

    if you have question regarding the conversion feel free to post it down in the comment section 🙂

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