How to Get Stock ROM / RomDump of Mediatek MT6582 via MTK Droid Root and Tools


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    How to Get Stock ROM / RomDump of Mediatek MT6582 via MTK Droid Root and Tools

    NOTICE::: This tutorial is a bit old but still working for some but since RUA1 has updated his software the scatter file will now generate the right file but in a different format you can follow my new tutorial you use the same process as the MT6572 🙂 Enjoy


    This will be an alternative tutorial on how to ROMDUMP / Stock ROM or get the Full Firmware of a (any) Mediatek MT6582. I have created before a tutorial on how to get the stock rom of any Mediatek Phones.

    but unfortunately upon testing this out on my Cherry Mobile Flare S which is a Mediatek MT6582 that technique on my tutorial did not work, basically we need to try an alternative way but still using the same tools.

    Here are the Tools that we are going to need kindly download it all first and install the necessary driver s if you haven’t installed it yet.

    Big Credits to Rua1 of XDA Developer for developing this tool.

    You Don’t need to be Rooted

    So once you have downloaded the files and installed the driver be sure to extract the files, and then you need to activate the USB DEBUGGING TOOLS on your phone settings. by checking it

    After doing that you need to open the MTK Droid Root and Tools by clicking the MTKdroidTools.exe and then you will notice it will load all the necessary information of your phone now you need to click block map

    once you have clicked that it will show another window

    Now click the Create Scatter File and this will save the MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt

    now open that file on notepad++ or any text editor except for notepad , and then open also the SP Flash Tool that you have downloaded awhile ago and follow this steps.

    in the SP Flash Tool you will need to click the READ BACK tab then click the ADD and double-click the N/A and it will show another window, this is the crucial part so be sure to follow this carefully

    it will prompt you first to save it now as a default it will save as ROM_0 just use that and retain that filename we will use it later on. and be sure to save it on a separate folder so you will not be confused

    Now you will notice it loaded the READ BACK BLOCK START ADDRESS window, what you need to do is since the MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt is open on notepad++ be sure to follow this carefully, you will notice that on the MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file there is a block called PRELOADER with a value of 0x0 now copy that and paste it on the Start Address on the Windows that pops up on the SP Flash Tool, check the image for reference, and do the same thing with the __NODL_FAT 0x78380000 copy that also in the Legth textbox of the SP Flash tool window as seen on the image.

    and be sure the TYPE is HEX and then press OK.

    so now what you need to do is remove the battery of your phone and usb cable and then once done doing that you need to click the Read Back Button and then simultaneously plug the USB Cable and Battery and you will hear a sound that it loaded and it will now show a blue bar loading on the SP Flash Tool , that indicates that it is now reading back the Stock ROM dump, this will take around 30mins — an hour depending on how fast is your Computer.

    Next is you need to go back to the MTK Droid Root and Tools and go to the ROOT, BACKUP, RECOVERY TAB, and then press the “To Process file ROM_ from Flash Tool.

    as you remember this is the file that we have just read back from the SP Flash Tool so be sure to locate that after clicking that button and it will start decompiling that img file 🙂 take note that the ROM_0 is a huge file it’s 1GB+ so you really need to have a dedicated storag for it , and it acts as your full rom dump also 🙂

    here is the sample of it , indicated in the image is the location of the actual backup.

    after loading it will show on the logs on what are the file that are being copied on that folder, it will also prompt you if you want TO MAKE CWM RECOVERY AUTOMATICALLY? be sure to click that so it will convert your stock recovery to CWMR (Clockworkmod by Rua1)

    after the backup is finished you will see the actual stock rom on that folder specified awhile ago and now you can use this to flash on SP Flash Tool in case you have bricked your phone.

    BUT WAITTTTTT! we still need to do the last thing because once you imported this on the SP Flash Tool and using the Default MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt it will have an error of 8036 which indicates that the PMT file is not similar with the one on the MTK Droid Root and Tools so be sure to follow this next step.

    Alternatively you can just click the Firmware Update on the SP Flash Tool if you want but it’s quite dangerous if you don’t know the fixes if you have errors , so just follow this simple step.

    you will see in the image below that on the left is the modified version and on the right is the default version, so what you simply need to do is remove the __NODL_ on the arrow that I have indicated on the images and that will be,


    • PRO_PRO
    • NVRAM
    • SECCFG
    • MISC
    • EXPDB
    • FAT


    • __NODL_PRO_PRO
    • __NODL_NVRAM
    • __NODL_MISC
    • __NODL_EXPDB
    • __NODL_FAT

    once you have done that save it and rename the original one and retain the modded version in the same folder where you stock rom is located, and now you can load it on the SP Flash Tool and click Download and you will see it will not have an error and you will successfully flash your stock rom 🙂

    don’t worry if there are unchecked area there that is the files that we have modified so that’s it guys you now have a full stock rom of your MT6582 Phone. if you have question feel free to leave it on the comment section down below. feel free to share this to your friends who might benefit on it.

    and thank you to the XDA Developers specially to Yuweng and Rua1 for helping me out and gathering all this information and for answering some of my questions 🙂

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