Download Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph Drivers and Firmware


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    Download Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph Drivers and Firmware

    This will be just a quick reference for users who are looking for drivers and firmware for the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph, it has been out in the market for a while now but as usual Cherry Mobile doesn’t provide any download link for the drivers and firmware but luckily thanks to Google we found the OEM brands that has the same specifications with the Alpha Morph and some of them the drivers and firmware are available for download.

    Drivers base on Pipo W1

    Drivers base on Cube iWork 10

    Firmware Pipo W1

    Firmware Cube iWork 10

    the firmware have a huge file size so be sure to be patient when downloading, the download link provides the ISO for the Image Recovery and the instruction on how to install it , but basically you need to use a USB bootable flash drive to install the firmware.

    I will be providing a tutorial soon since I am still doing some testing and review with the Alpha Morph but don’t worry I have tested the drivers and it works fine, installing it is just like a normal PC installation so for some it’s very easy.

    So far I’m loving the Cherry Mobile Alpha Morph will provide more in-depth detail soon so stay tune 🙂

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