Facebook launches the new Redesign News Feed


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    Facebook launches the new Redesign News Feed

    Facebook has been experimenting on the News Feed since last year some of the updates was rolled out with some users and some did not have the latest upgrade of the news feed.

    As you will notice they have announced this new news feed look since last year but I myself didn’t get this update, but maybe some of you might see it on your profile.

    they quoted
    “You may recall that last year we experimented with a complete redesign of News Feedfor desktop and mobile. People who tested it told us that they liked the bigger photos and images, but found it more difficult to navigate Facebook overall. The updated design has the best of both worlds: it keeps the layout and navigation people liked, but offers bigger images and photos, as well as a new font. The current design on mobile remains the same.”

    Now they have announced once again a New Redesign News Feed
    here is the old look and the new look compared side by side

    The said New Redesigned News Feed will start rolling out today but will be officially seen by everyone by next week. so Hopefully we can see the latest update soon but the big Question for Marketers, Are we going to have a new size of ads again? this is one of the big problem when Facebook do a redesign on their website some of the images change sizes but Facebook said on their announcement that they have retain the sizes of the images so people who put ads on Facebook will still use what they have been using since they start putting ads which is a good news.

    Are you excited for the new News Feed do you like the simple and clean New Redesigned News Feed? Well feel free to post your thoughts in the comment section down below 🙂

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