Kata Digital — Kata i3 Received a Firmware Update v1.0.6


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    Kata Digital — Kata i3 Received a Firmware Update v1.0.6

    Today as of 11:23 am Kata Digital release a Firmware Update v1.0.6 for the Kata i3 which is their latest Smartphone as of the moment. the said Update can enhance machine stability and patch bugs plus a System Enhancement.

    Here is the Official Changelog of the Firmware Update email by the Kata Digital Representative 🙂

    V1.0.6 OTA update.

    1. Solving Jumping Screen problem.
    2. Change the device name to “Kata i3” in Android Device Manager
    3. Remove 2nd double click magnify preview picture function
    4. Reduce Flash light level
    5. Remove fishcloud apps.
    6. Add new apps “Wipeout”
    7. Add new apps “Facebook”
    8. Remove “SIM Insert” message appear in notification

    The firmware Update is around 40MB which is quite huge, I’ll be checking out the update once it finished the download and update on my unit.

    Hope the update will enhance more the user experience on the Kata i3 🙂

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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