Cherry Mobile Titan TV and Karbonn A30 Stock, CWMR v6.0.1.5 and TWRP v2.3.2.3 Recovery


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    Cherry Mobile Titan TV and Karbonn A30 Stock, CWMR v6.0.1.5 and TWRP v2.3.2.3 Recovery

    in this tutorial I will teach you on how to backup and restore your files via CWMR and TWRP

    first choose any of the two recovery, either CWMR or TWRP

    Clockworkmod — CWMR —


    TWRP Lewa Recovery — 1.0


    TWRP Lewa Recovery — 2.3


    *in case you want to go back to the stock recovery port this back

    Stock Recovery


    once you have downloaded any of the recovery file you need to download the MOBILE UNCLE MTK TOOL on google play store for you to port the recovery update on your phone.

    and then copy the RECOVERY.IMG from the recovery image you have downloaded either the CWMR and TWRP on the root of your sd card or internal storage

    now open the MOBILE UNCLE MTK TOOL and click the RECOVERY UPDATE and you will see the RECOVERY.IMG at the top that you have copy on the root of your storage.

    NOTE: be sure to check the spelling that it is spelled as “recovery.img” without the quotes or else it will not be detected on the folder

    now just click ok then ok again and it will reboot to recovery, after rebooting it will now be on the recovery mode that you have chosen , in this example i used the TWRP v2.3.2.3.

    and now you can select backup and check all the things you want to backup and swipe the handle on the bottom part and wait for it to finish

    to check if you have backup successfully you can click the restore mode and you will see the backup you have made, and from there you can choose on what backup you want to restore.

    the difference of the two recovery is:

    *TWRP = touch base recovery mode

    *CWMR = using the volume and power button to navigate

    there is another method using the SP_TOOL but it is more complicated to use and if you made mistake it might BRICK your device. I will post another tutorial for that.

    so there as you can see as easy as that you have now backup your whole system and files using the two recovery methods. enjoy 🙂

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