DSLR Photography Simulator


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    DSLR Photography Simulator

    Learning photography is really an investment to make DSLR are not cheap minimum investment might be more than P15,000 but with the technology today, you can learn photography by just using tools like simulators or an android and IOS apps here is a cool desktop application you can use to see the output of your photo without having the gadget itself¬†ūüôā

    you can also download the windows/mac application if you want to have a full featured tool but it is not free, you just need to donate an amount of money for you to download it which is a pretty nifty tool¬†ūüôā

    additional links for you to use as a starting Photographer

    1. http://camerasim.com/slr-camera-explained/
    2. http://camerasim.com/3-words-prevent-this-dslr-rookie-mistake/
    3. http://camerasim.com/apps/

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