How to save .tar files instead of .dup files on CWMR Recovery


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    How to save .tar files instead of .dup files on CWMR Recovery

    this tutorial is not meant to to teach you on how to port a CWMR on your phone but to configure it only to save as a .tar files, I have also created a tutorial on how to port a recovery.img file to any MTK6577 phones (ex. Cherry Mobile Titan, Titan TV , Omega)

    As a default your CWMR files doesn’t save as a .tar file but a .dup files so to change that you need to follow this simple instructions

    if your a cherry mobile phone user press volume up + power to boot to recovery mode for other refer to your manufacturer settings to get into it.

    using CWMR v6.0.1.5

    once booted into cwmr mode choose backup and restore and press power button

    next is to choose the “choose backup format” so we can change the default format

    as you can see the default format is .dup which is usually when you save with this format it creates a blob folder and when you open that it has full encrypted format which you cannot read only cwmr can use it to restore, so change it to .TAR then press power button to confirm

    now you will see that the backup format set to tar on your bottom screen, it means you can now backup your files and it will generate .tar format which now you can use to port it on your kitchen to make a custom roms.

    this is the sample output now you will see on your mtk6577 phone which is this is an example of a Cherry Mobile Titan TV backup from a CWMR Recovery.

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