CD-R King’s Latest Eco-Bike is gorgeous


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    CD-R King’s Latest Eco-Bike is gorgeous

    CD-R King’s new Eco-bike named Panda is very eye-catching that you want to purchase it, yup you probably saw a similar bike like this right? at first glance you will probably tell it’s a scooter but thanks to CD-R King they just made it an Eco-bike.

    Base on the specs it can go up to 55km/h and it can go up to 100km per full charge price is Php 35,800. Are you going to buy this one ? in case you have the budget let me know your thoughts guys with this new Eco-bike by CD-R King


    • 2 Speed Control
    • 12v DC Converter
    • Front Hydraulic Disc Brake
    • Front Basket
    • Stylish Handle Bar


    • Rate Power:2500W
    • Rated Voltage: 72V
    • Speeed: Up to 55 km/h
    • Range per-power: Up to 100km
    • Motor Type: Brushless
    • Battery: Voltage: 72 Volts (12V x 6)
    • Capacity: 20AH GEL TYPE
    • Weight: Approx 7.10kg (15.65lbs) / cells
    • Recharge Cycle: 400 Times
    • Battery: Fixed
    • Charging Time: 8 to 10 hours
    • Weight:113 Kg
    • Max Loading: 160kg
    • Tires: 3–10 Tubeless Tire;

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