How to revive dead (bootloop) My Phone Agua RIO fun v2


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    How to revive dead (bootloop) My Phone Agua RIO fun v2

    Disclaimer: the author of this guide will not be liable on any damages on your phone try this at your own risk. This will void your warranty

    Aside from the Samsung Galaxy J1 tutorial I will add this minor tips on how to fix this MyPhone RIO Fun V2 device (KitKat Version).

    To start with here is the information of the device before we dig into the proper reviving of this device since it took a while to revive this device because there are a lot of available Firmware out there in the web and I almost tried them out and some of them even have passwords which totally not helpful. because some of them are corrupted and even not properly compressed and converted which totally wasted a huge amount of my time just on fixing my friends device.

    So with this tutorial I will guide you to the whole process of reviving the My Phone Agua RIO Fun.

    Device Information

    • Model Number — MyPhone Agua Rio Fun V2
    • Android Version — Kitkat 4.4.2
    • Baseband Version — MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V43.2014/05/07 16:41
    • Kernel Version — 3.4.67 — android@H03-vm1 #1 Wed Aug 20 17:44:25 CST 2014
    • Build Number — ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1
    • Custom Build Version — S5202AP_KK_Agua_Rio_Fun_20140820_v1.08

    First and foremost before proceeding with this tutorial be sure to check the technical details of your phone if your device is not similar with the device mentioned above then stop reading now because it will not help you since you might have a different version of RIO Fun.

    A quick information regarding the Agual RIO Fun there are 2 versions the V1 which is a Android Jellybean (MT6572) and the Android KitKat (MT6571) which what we are going to fix in this tutorial the KitKat version.

    Special Thanks to the MyPhone Rio Fun Facebook group for providing the necessary files to accomplish this guide.

    I do not own this files big credits to dabszkie for the stock ROM files which is totally helpful, It’s safe to say that among all the other ROMs I tested this is the only one working.

    Be sure to follow all the steps in this guide it’s required and very important or else you will end up a dead black out phones.

    We need to download all the necessary files this are all required and do not use other stock ROM or SP flash tools or else it will not work properly.

    Now that you have downloaded all the necessary files, I assume that you haven’t installed the MediaTek Drivers on your PC. Running on Windows 8, 8.1 and even Win 10 will work fine in this procedure just be sure to unsigned the drivers first before installing so that windows will let you install unsigned drivers from a 3rd party provider example the driver that you downloaded a while ago.

    Here is quick tutorial on how to do the Unsigned driver on Windows 8 again it will work on any version of Windows , I am using Windows 10 in this tutorial and all the procedures on installing drivers is just the same in the link provided.

    the quickest way to access the “Disable driver signature enforcement” is by pressing Window button + X then press U , before pressing R be sure to hold the shift button already so that once it restarts it will boot to Advance Option.

    then after rebooting you will have this option just press number 7 to disable the driver signature enforcement.

    Download and install WinRar (latest version) or 7zip to extract compressed files.

    Next is you need to extract the SP flash tool that you downloaded a while

    Look for the flash tool.exe and right click the Run as Administrator and click yes when a pop-up window shows

    Now once you are in the SP flash tool press CTRL + ALT + V to convert the application to advance mode this is very important so that we can access the advanced features that will let us flash the file and prevent from having an error.

    you will see at the title bar of the application the work Advance Mode that means you activated it successfully

    Next is press CTRL + O or by going to Options > Options, go to Download and tick the Physical Format / Readback.

    After that click the download tab and click the scatter-loading button and look for the file MT6572_Android_scatter.txt

    then you will see the Download Only combo box click that and change it to Format All + Download. Be sure to check all the tick boxes.

    Now before we click that Download button select first the Format Tab and choose Auto format flash, format whole flash and Forcedly erase (Bad block mark is erased)

    Now we are almost ready go back to Download tab and press Download button.

    OK! take note in this first attempt it will not proceed since we still don’t have the drivers installed (unless you already did install it). you will notice it will get stuck in the red bar, once you see that press Windows Key + X again then choose device manager.

    you will see a question mark since the driver is unknown, now on the first tree view right click and chose add legacy hardware

    click next and locate the driver that you have downloaded a while ago

    Once the driver is fully installed proceed with the SP flash tool again and repeat the process click the download button, while the USB cable and battery is still unplugged.

    Before the red bar appears be sure to plug the USB first then the battery.

    and it will now load the SP Flash tool from Red > Purple > Yellow and when you see the Green Circle windows it means it successfully flashed the stock ROM.

    Basically, that’s how to flash the Stock from to your device, but we are not done yet, once you boot the device you will notice the SIM will have invalid IMEI .

    It’s very easy to fix just download the PermRoot apk and do the same procedure with the Samsung Galaxy J1

    Once done rooting your device just download the Chamelephon (Rooted Phone Required) and just get the IMEI behind the battery at the back of your phone. and input it in the text box in the Chamelephone app. grand the root access and reboot your phone.

    that’s it! now your phone is alive and kicking again 🙂 hope this guide helps you in the process and lessen the headache of fixing your deadboot device 🙂

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