5 Tips you must try when using Techmisan app


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    5 Tips you must try when using Techmisan app

    Hi everyone, since you have already downloaded Techmisan Mobile App. I’ll show you five quick tips or features that you will be interested with.

    If you have not downloaded the app yet. Then grab it here or search “Techmisan” in the play store.

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    TIP #1

    The first tip that I’ll show you is how to force synchro or get instant feed updates. In the all unread section or wherever section you are in the app. Quickly swipe down in the screen. Then you will be displayed a synchro icon and wait for the feed to be displayed if it is available.

    TIP #2

    Users are asking how they can read all the feeds in a comfortable way? A user will intend to scroll all the feeds top to bottom without opening the items/feeds. In the latest version of Techmisan, you can now navigate items/feeds by swiping left or right in an open item.

    TIP #3

    What if you want to save the article or you want to read it later? Techmisan provides you with the feature “Pinned Stars”. “Pinned Stars” will save your favorite articles into one section. Is it useful? right? You just have to tap the stars shown in the upper right of the article. Yellow means pinned. To go and see your pinned items. Just tap menu and go to “PINNED STARS” section/item.

    TIP #4

    Well, Techmisan also provides you easy sharing tool. You want the article to be share immediately? Just press the circle icon shown in the right bottom below. Then you will be presented by different apps installed that provides a sharing capability.( Note apps presented may differ according to your apps installed in the device). Select the app and that’s it.

    TIP #5

    Lastly, the app provides you more option in the feed. Opening the feed and pressing/tapping menu icon displayed in the upper right side will prompt you more options. You just need to tap each items for the functionality. Both open feed and website view will provide you more option.

    That’s it, guys, Hope you learn something useful. Stay tuned for more updates on Techmisan app. If you have problems you may contact us through my email
    [email protected].
    For Feedback you have to navigate in the menu settings. “ Menu>Settings> Feedback “.
    For Support, please like our page

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