How to get Full Rom Dump / Stock ROM of MT6572 MediaTek Smartphones using SPFT and MTK Droid Root and Tools


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    How to get Full Rom Dump / Stock ROM of MT6572 MediaTek Smartphones using SPFT and MTK Droid Root and Tools

    This is the continuation of my tutorial on MediaTek Devices I recently publish a tutorial on how to get the Full ROM Dump of MT6582. Now I will be teaching you how to get the Full ROM Dump of the MT6572 , actually it has almost the same process with the MT6582 but the only thing you need to understand is the Scatterfile text file which is a bit different from the MT6582 and MT6589. so in this tutorial I will show you the whole process.

    But first you need to Download the Tools that we are going to need take note that it may vary on your devices because not all MT6572 have the same result so I cannot guarantee that this method will work for all but give it a shot this might work 🙂

    Also Take note that MT6572 Devices has 3 different partition format, some units have the UBIFS file system, another one is the CUSTPACK and last is the EXT4 which is the one that I will be sharing on this post.

    Just in case you want to backup a MT6577 or MT6589 just watch my video

    The Unit that I will be using is the Kata Venus 3 which is a MT6572 SoC Phone, ok let’s get started.

    Download the Required Files and Tools

    1. SP Flash Tool (SPFT) [SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1344.0.212] [SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1343.01] you can also check my SPFT Compilation just in case Note: I will be linking two SPFT you can either use any of the two it just happen all my screenshots on this tutorial are taken from the OLD version of the SPFT I didn’t use the v5 of the SPFT but I do RECOMMEND using the latest version that I will link here. the SPFT will serve as the ReadBack Tool to get the whole ROM Dump that we are going to convert via MTK Droid Root and Tools
    2. Driver_Auto_Installer_v1.1236.00— This will serve as the Driver for the MediaTek Smartphone this is a modified version which is Compatible upto Windows 8.1 Thanks yuweng of XDA Developers for sharing this Stuff. be sure to install this first or else the SPFT will not work properly.
    3. MtkDroidTools_v253 — This will serve as the Scatterfile creator and the converter of the Full ROM Dump created by the SPFT.

    STEP 1: After Installling the Driver_Auto_Installer_v1.1236.00 and downloading the MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.3 Extract the archive and Run as Administrator the MTKdroidTools.exe and you will see this window but in order for the MTK Droid Root and Tools to detect your smartphone be sure you already activated the DEVELOPERS OPTION and check the USB DEBUGGING once you’ve done that you will see this kind of Phone Information on your MTK Droid Root and Tools.

    This is optional you can click the IMEI/NVRAM and then backup your IMEI so that in case that you baseband shows no service you can restore your IMEI via the IMEI/NVRAM I have a separate Tutorial on that you might wanna check that out.

    as you can see also on the image the Venus 3 Color Indicator on the Lower left of the window is Color Blue that means the phone is not rooted, that is the main benefit of this tutorial you don’t need to ROOT your phone in order to follow this tutorial.

    STEP 2: Now you need to click the BLOCKS MAP and that will load the BLOCK INFO as you seen on the image below, once you have the block info all you need to do is to click the CREATE SCATTER FILE.

    STEP 3: and save the Scatter file that it has created which is on my end it is named as MT6572_Android_scatter.txt and click save.

    TIP! always create a folder and put the files that you save there like what you see on the image below I created a venus 3 folder and then a scatter file folder and I have save the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt just to be organized.

    STEP 4: Now you need to extract the file of the SP_Flash_Tool_vX.XXX that you have downloaded awhile ago.

    STEP 5: Go inside that folder and you will see the Flash_tool.exe right click that and run as administrator and it will open the SPFT tool.

    STEP 6: Now once the Smart Phone Flash Tool is open click the Scatter-loading and look for the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt that we saved awhile ago.

    STEP 7: load the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt so it will show all the partition table of your smartphone.

    STEP 8: Now as a default you will notice you will be on the Download Tab after loading the Scatter file just ignore that and click the Read Back Tab and we will load now the Hex Decimal format that we need in order to get the FULL ROM DUMP.

    STEP 9: Open first the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt that we saved awhile ago I do recommend opening it on a Notepad++ Application so that the formatting will stay intact. this is the most important part be sure to copy the right hex code from the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt, click the Add button on the Read Back Tab and then double click the file as you notice I pointed out the ROM_0 that is very important you must not rename it to other filename use the default ROM_0

    STEP 10: Now as what I advice always create a folder on every file that you will save so on this part create a folder for the placement of the ROM_0 which on my end I renamed the folder romdump so it is easy to recognize. and then click SAVE.

    STEP 11: After clicking the save button it will prompt you a window called Read back block start address, be sure that the Type is HEX, and then the Start Address you will get it on the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt open that file and you will need to go to the PRELOADER section and copy the value of the linear_start_addr: which is 0x0 and paste it on the Start Address I mentioned awhile ago

    STEP 12: Next is you need to put the a value on the Length text box, and we will get that on the FAT section you need to scroll down at the bottom most part of the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt and you will see a partition name called FAT, again copy the value of the linear_start_addr: and paste it on the Length just what you see on the image which is on my end the value is 0x96B40000. do take note that not all the MT6572 have the same value so be sure to always reference your MT6572_Android_scatter.txt for the right values that you will copy and paste.

    STEP 13: and now you can press the OK button and then turn off your phone put the USB cable on your Computer and Remove the Battery of your phone. and then press the READ BACK button and simultaneously plug the USB cable on your phone and put the Battery and you will hear a sound that it has been detected in order to verify you did the right thing you will see on the bottom percent bar that the Bytes is moving that indicates that it is now starting to read back the whole FULL ROM DUMP, this make take some time depending on the specs of your PC/Laptop like on my end I am using an i3 CPU and running on a 8GB of RAM it took about around 40mins to finish the whole process.

    TIP! Be sure to close other windows or browser on your Computer or else you might end up on a blue screen of death because your computer can’t handle the multiple processing, like on my end I needed to do this twice because my Computer automatically rebooted because I have lots of application running in the background so be sure to close all of that before proceeding. and also if you have set a screensaver or sleep mode on your PC/Laptop disable it first because it can cause also problem on the READ BACK process

    STEP 14: As you will see on the image below it is still doing it’s job of Reading all the parition, so sit back and relax and wait for the percentage to become 100% and the Green Circle Icon to pop-up that means it is completed, my FULL ROM DUMP is about 2.4GB so be sure also to have a large space on your Hard Drive.

    STEP 15: Alright now once you have successfully get the FULL ROM DUMP image version we will now proceed with the MTK Droid Root and Tools to convert it on a file that the SPFT will recognize. click the root,backup,recovery tab and click the To process file ROM_ from Flash Tool.

    STEP 16: You need to look for the ROM_0 that we Read Back awhile ago that has a file size of more than 2GB and click OPEN

    STEP 17: And now you will see on the Status window that it has created a folder where you can find the converted files and you will also see the file that it is converting.

    STEP 18: at the middle of the process the CWMR will prompt you if you want to create one which is you need to choose yes so it will create the RUA1 version of the CWMR.

    STEP 19: Just wait for it to finish and to locate the file all you need to do is go to the MTK Droid Root and Tools folder and click the Backup folder and you will see the folder that it has created and inside that you will all the files it has converted.

    STEP 20: after it finish the task you will now see the FULL ROM DUMP of you smartphone that the MTK Droid Root and Tools has Converted. and you will I put an arrow on the filename of the folder to you will know where it is located.

    STEP 21: you will see now the task is completed and the FULL ROM DUMP is completed.

    STEP 22: On the MT6572 it will create a Recovery and Boot image file that is patched and CWMR version but also it creates the unmodified version now if you want to use the unmodified version you will see it is renamed as factory_NONmodified_recovery.img Now this is the stock recovery if you want to use it simple rename the current recovery.img to other name and rename the factory_NONmodified_recovery.img to recovery.img or simply click the recovery on the SPFT tool as what you see on the image and locate the factory_NONmodified_recovery.img it will just work as the same. and same process apply with the Boot.img.

    But take note that sometimes there are unchecked part on the scatter file once you loaded it, like here on the venus 3 on my first load the UBOOT.img is not loaded and that is because it is not on the file. in order for me to fix that I needed to do another FULL ROM DUMP But by simply using the other method which is on the video above this post it will work the same but it has more process. but I have fixed the issue of missing UBOOT.img file which is on the venus 3 it is named as lk.bin I simply copied it on the FULL ROM DUMP that is missing and load again the scatter file and now once it loaded all are checked.

    STEP 23: as what I said awhile ago if you want to flash the CWMR version of the Recovery simply choose the Patched version of the recovery you will see the difference on the file size so you will not get confuse. and if you want to flash the Stock Recovery simply choose the unmodified version. and that’s it you now have the FULL ROM DUMP + PATCHED BOOT.IMG + CWMR RECOVERY and also the UNMODIFIED VERSION OF THE FULL ROM DUMP

    STEP 24: Here is a closer of the FULL ROM DUMP or for others they call it STOCK ROM.

    if you want to load it on the SPFT simply goto the folder where the Stock rom is located and then on the SPFT click again the Scatter-Loading and look for the MT6572_Android_scatter.txt and it will load all the files it need and simply click the DOWNLOAD button and again remove the battery of your phone and the USB cable and simultaneously put it back again the USB Cable and the Battery and you will hear a sound and it will load the progress bar just wait for it to finish until you see the Green icon that represents that it has successfully flash the Stock ROM. and now just remove again the battery of your phone and put it back again and power on your smartphone and your Good to go it’s like a fresh new untouch version again. 🙂

    in case you have the Kata Venus 3 Smartphone here is the FULL ROM DUMP that you can flash just in case you bricked your phone.


    Hope you have learned something on this tutorial feel free to leave a comment if you have question at any point of the tutorial for clarification enjoy 🙂

    Again big thanks to Yuweng for helping me out on the tools and RUA1 for developing this wonderful tools to make the backup as much easier than ever.

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