PSD to WordPress Photoshop Plugin — Divine Project Now Compatible with WordPress 3.8


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    PSD to WordPress Photoshop Plugin — Divine Project Now Compatible with WordPress 3.8

    Ever wanted to create a WordPress Theme but you don’t have the coding skills? well worry no more because there is Photoshop Plugin that converts a PSD to WordPress Theme and that Plugin is called Divine Elemente by Divine Project.

    Divine Project is not new in the Industry I remember way back then when they first release this tool I was really excited to use it and it’s really easy to build a WordPress Blog Theme with this Plugin. and the Good thing is you can download it for FREE!

    And also now they are fully compatible with WordPress 3.8

    PSD to WordPress

    Photoshop Plugin

    Make WordPress Themes. No HTML Skills Required

    But things have change now they have improved the tool and added more features:


    • No coding: Just put your graphics to a blueprint template
    • Easy: make a few edits > publish!
    • Fast: 1–5 minutes for a 200Mb+ PSD
    • Unique: precise typography, 960 grid, etc.


    • Blueprint: Create a blueprint PSD in Layout Editor
    • Grid: Create / edit sizes of the 6 grid blocks (slices): Header, Footer, Sidebar, Post, Side, Side
    • Groups: Put your graphics in the predefined groups of layers / sub-groups. Ex: Link, Image, Logo, etc.
    • Templates: Or use a predefined ready template with the guides describing how to create a WordPress theme from a scratch


    • Edit: After PSD is published — change editable content directly in CMS
    • Change: Change images, links, social links or even whole content
    • No PSD: Update your theme with a few clicks without Photoshop


    • Positioning: Near identical text alignment and position
    • Basics: Not only basics are exported as bold, italic, font size, font color, font weight, underline, but also advanced parameters
    • Advanced: Export parameters for each letter, word, paragraph; like kerning, baseline shift, paragraph justification, line height, etc. (24+ advanced text parameters)


    • SEO friendly: Clear separation of design, content and graphic assets
    • Valid: Always W3C valid and commented semantic code
    • Readable: Fine tune / edit theme in any editors like Adobe Brackets, Sublime Text, Adobe Dreamweaver, Google Chrome Dev Tools, etc.
    • Semantic: Clear separation of design, content and graphic assets
    • Local: Perfect for work with XAMPP, MAMP, etc. Save PHP, CSS, HTML, images in a local folder

    What Are The Requirements of Divine Elemente?

    Photoshop requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC (32bit only)

    OS requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

    How do I get Started do they have a Tutorials on how to use the Plugin?

    Yes! they have simple go to this section of their page and you will see this

    Do They Have Free Template that I can use for reference?

    Yes! they provide Free Downloadable Template that is ready for the Elemente just click the image below.

    Not only they have a Free version they also have a Developer’s version of the Plugin which have more feature, here is the difference of the two versions.

    Free Version

    • Unlimited trial. Free premium theme included! Optimized for work with Divine Elemente.

    Developer Version

    • Price: $199.99. Gain numerous advantages: free updates, free premium themes, extensions, etc.

    So feel free to try out this Awesome Plugin and Create your WordPress In just minutes, although this tool is really great for users who doesn’t have the knowledge of coding a WordPress Theme I still do encourage everyone to learn and try to code a WordPress theme from scratch the WordPress Codes is a good start to learn because from there you will the difference and still automated tools has limited not like when you know how to code your border-less you can do anything you wanted as long as you know how to read codes 🙂

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