How to Download Spotify on your Android Devices


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    How to Download Spotify on your Android Devices

    I shared a quick tutorial on how to download Spotify on your desktop before by using a firefox plugins call anonymox but since Spotify has change its service now where it has a free music for everyone, so it means you can now listen music without using any proxy tools just to download their app.

    But take note if you have connected your account with your Facebook which they also offer you might have problem in logging in on your account , so what I recommend is just create a new account for less hassle.

    Anyway since you can now play Spotify on your desktop anytime with a new account for free (with ads), we also want to experience this on our mobile right but there some few problem like on my end when I checked the Spotify Android App on the Google Play Store it shows not compatible with my devices which is I think because Spotify is still not offering a service here in the Philippines.

    So we need to download the APK directly on their server but unfortunately this is hidden on your dashboard account so you need to click the link down below to directly download the Latest APK 🙂


    Once your have download it just login , just take note I do not recommend using the Facebook login if you are located in the Philippines because you have error that your location is not yet available for the service. just be sure to login via the traditional way.

    Just a quick reminder Spotify Free access will have ads after playing couple of music , if you want to remove that you can avail the premium service of $9.99, but if you register today you can have a 3 months premium access for only $9.99 simply visit

    Your Spotify Premium 3-for-1 offer will give you access to the full Spotify experience for three months, while you only pay for one. You can cancel at any time.

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