How to use the Smart PowerApp for Android


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    How to use the Smart PowerApp for Android

    Remembering promo codes is the biggest problem when I register my number to have internet, text and call access on any telcos and the only way for you to remember it is by saving it on your phones note or on a sticky note to avoid remembering it 🙂

    Smart Communication recently launch an app that helps you on that problem they called it PowerApp, it’s a nifty Android App that you can download for free and you will have access on all their promo’s without even remembering it. it’s a simple storefront for the bundles that they offer.

    Here’s how it works

    as you can see it is very easy to use with just a simple click of a button on the app you can now enjoy different promo bundles on your smartphone.

    let’s rundown the different bundles the first Promo is the Social Bundle, this is now on a promo which is before you can access this you need to pay P10 for 3hrs but now you can have FREE access to Facebook, Foursquare, Google Plus,LinkedIn, Path, Twitter, Waze for 24hrs. by just activating this feature on the app which is the first tab. for featured phones you can also access this by following this code (FREE SOCIAL send to 5555)

    Free Until Jan 15, 2014

    The second one is the Email Bundle, with this package you will have unlimited access on your email apps like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail,, Exchange and you will pay the amount of P5 for 3hours access and P10 for 24hrs Access. if you want to use this on your featured phone you can also follow this format (EMAIL send to 5555) and (EMAIL10 send to 5555).

    The third Bundle is the Chat Bundle where you will have unlimited access to Chikka Messenger, Facebook Messenger,Google Hangouts, Line, Oist!, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kakao. and you just have to pay the amount of P5 for 3hours and P10 for 24hours.

    for featured phones kindly follow this code (CHAT send to 5555) and (CHAT10 send to 5555).

    for next one is the Photo Bundle you will have unlimited access for 3hours for only P10 and 24hours for only P20 to Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Regram, Imgur, Tumblr . and for featured phones you can access this promo by following this code (PHOTO10 send to 5555) and (PHOTO20 send to 5555).

    and for the last one and I think for some you will enjoy this for Unlimited access to all websites and mobile applications
    except Youtube and BitTorent.
    you just have to pay P15 for 3hours and P30 for 24hours. so if you really don’t want any headaches you can choose this one. and also for the featured phones you can follow this code (UNLI15 send to 5555) and (UNLI30 send to 5555).

    so in case you are wondering, how will you monitor the time if in case you already passed the 3hrs time or 24hrs time, well SMART added a feature on the app that it lets you see on your notification area on how many remaining times you still have. so once that timer is finish your bundle will also not be accessible.

    Now what about the Additional Data Charges in case you have additional balance on your phones let’s say you have loaded a P30 and you just registered for the Photo Bundle which is just P20 for 24hours, the good thing here is that they have a AntiBill Shock Feature on this app which means you will not have additional charges on your current balance even though the app is running on the background which is really convenient.

    so if you want to try this app simply download it here


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