Microsoft releases Build 9860 for Windows 10 Technical Preview


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    Microsoft releases Build 9860 for Windows 10 Technical Preview

    Microsoft Today announced its first Update for the Windows 10 Technical Preview from Build 9841 to Build 9860 the said update had merely 7000 improvements and fixes base from the user feedbacks.

    Can’t wait? You can go to PC Settings, Update and recovery, Preview builds and click the Check Now button to go get it now, also Microsoft said the update should be between 2–2.74GB so be sure to have a stable connection.

    New added feature is the Action Center for Windows PCs which they announced last september

    • Move apps easily from one monitor to another by pressing WIN+SHIFT+<arrow>
    • they added Animation for switching desktops this is based on user feedback where its hard to know when you were switching desktops.

    Update and recovery, Preview builds, you’ll see a new dropdown menu with options for ‘Fast’ or ‘Slow’.

    But of course there are still some glitches in this build so here are some of it,

    • In some places the UI design has gone “backwards” temporarily while we’re working on the final experiences. For example in this build we know that it’s harder to join a Wi-Fi network. We’ll make changes to fix that later.
    • Another example of some UI “roughness” is sometimes Internet Explorer glyphs look garbled and items on the Start menu might disappear. Not everyone will see this, it depends on your display driver. We have a fix for this one coming soon.
    • Some machines may wake up and not go back to sleep properly.
    • Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong games are broken in some cases and won’t launch.
    • When using 2 external monitors over Display Link, you may get a blue screen when you undock. This does not appear to be an issue when using just 1 external monitor. A fix for this one is in the works too.

    This is really getting excited for the Windows 10 for sure this is a great start for the upcoming release in 2015.

    Source: Microsoft Blog

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