Just Roll It Game Review


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    Just Roll It Game Review

    A couple of days ago we posted the gameplay introduction of the new online board game JustRollIt, it’s served by GameClub also the creator of CrossFire FPS game. in this post we will share our experience about the game and what we liked and what can be improved.

    Here is our gameplay of the game

    Dice! Give me the Dice!

    Ok as what I mentioned on our previous post it’s all about the dice! yes, your luck is on the hands on how you roll the dice. it’s a game of chance not like any other game that can give advantage if your have real skills in terms of how you play the game let’s say an FPS game if you’re great in shooting people totally you will have the advantage. But with the JustRollIt it’s all about luck, yes you will have a great advantage if you have great stats and money, again money! but still the random number on the dice will give your fate if you will Win or not.

    there are times that I have the full advantage but since the right magic number for me didn’t show every time I roll the dice still I lose the game 🙁

    The game is Interactive and fun to play BTW I really like the Filipino-English accent of the narrator in the Game, (Dear GM kindly send me her name she can be on pinoyscreencast for research purposes only 🙂 LOL!).

    Quick Cash Game

    Yup! the game is actually fast in terms of gameplay, if you are in a solo game it can take only up to 15mins gameplay if you are that good enough. but for the team gameplay it may take some time so patience if virtue.

    I wish the money I got in this game are real 10 million FTW!

    Pro Tip!

    Hold the left click when you roll the dice and you will see a meter gauge you can control the dice roll numbers using that technique. The lower the gauge the lower the number you will get and if you need a higher number just put the gauge to the 3rd bar of the gauge to give you a better chance of having a larger dice roll number.

    What We Like

    The game is fun and easy to understand there are no complicated things to remember when starting the game just roll the dice and you’re good to go. It’s for all ages if you want to play with your Granpa or Granma they will easily understand this game comparing to other games that you need to use both mouse and keyboard.

    What It needs to be improve

    As of now the game is limited to 2 stages the Space map and the World Map, I do like the Space map because of the alien mini game 🙂 but hopefully they will add more maps to make it more interactive. maybe a jungle or underwater city 🙂

    There are no Side Quest but there are mini games hopefully they can also add story mode so that users can still play the game while waiting for others to come in since if you are just starting sometimes you tend not to find any other players playing on a specific hour of the day like in the morning.

    What we don’t like

    Actually this is just minor but for me since I am recording gameplay I find the Fullscreen mode does not optimize since it just enlarge the screen and still have the 4:3 aspect ratio.

    Overall the game is easy and fun to play and it’s for all ages with that said we gave this Recommend badge for the Just Roll It 🙂


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