Epic Paint Adventure Gameplay and Quick Review — Hottest Game in Town


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    Epic Paint Adventure Gameplay and Quick Review — Hottest Game in Town

    Kuyi Mobile did it again they added another addicting game on their game list I remember back then when I played the Street Food Tycoon it was really fan and addictive game, then you’re seeing different familiar faces of Character buying on your stall.

    Quick Gameplay Video

    Let’s first download the game on the Google Play Store for Android users but if your on the iOS platform simply go to the app store and look for the Game Epic Paint Adventure.

    The Game Consist of the following features:

    • 72 challenging levels to solve
    • 14 locations and famous artists to unlock
    • 14 paintings to complete
    • Play at your own pace, no annoying time limits!
    • Fun and quirky cartoon graphics!
    • Guaranteed fun for the entire family!
    • and it’s FREE to PLAY

    Grab Epic Paint Adventure now — it’s totally FREE!

    The Newest Game Epic Paint Adventure has a different approach it’s more of a logical but fun game to play and the best part you are learning the history, I am a big fan of painting because as Graphic Artist Galleries are Inspiration for me and that is one thing I like about the Epic Paint Adventure you get to unlock the different paintings of the popular artist of our time.

    The Welcome screen of the Game is very simple there is only just Volume, Play and the Kuyi Mobile Icon which leads you to the full credits on who are the people behind this game.

    This is the actual pathway of your adventure it has a numbers that represents the levels of the game as you will see each blocks of island there is an artist the first one is already shown but the other artist are still in black it means you need to unlock them by finishing the level that counts on that character, it is very exciting because you intend to get curious on who will be the next artist and it gives you a trivia after you complete the requirement of the Artist like for Monalisa you need to finish three 3 levels in order for you to jump into the next game.

    in the game proper on your first time to play the game there is a quick tutorial guide on what you are going to do, simple the goal is to create a square type four 4 pieces one color paint cream I called it 🙂 and once you have done that it will be removed on the stage. BUT the catch is the color paint must not be blocked by any other color paints in order for it to be moved or else even though you want that color to be moved it will not be possible.

    before you start the game the artist will show the tip board on what colors do you need to complete in order to finish the level like on this level.

    it needs 8 Green, 4 white, 4 Black and 4 Brown so you need to build that colors in order to complete this level.

    When playing the game you will see there are small colors of paint that is showing up on every move those are very helpful because on a logical way you can use that to lessen the moves that you are doing because you already position the color paint on the place where that color is about to who but take note you need to monitor your moves or else you will end up out of moves and the game will be over and you need to retry, not this comes the time if you wish to pay in order just for you to continue the game, by default you have 70 coins and that is just very a few amount you can purchase in the app itself to add more coins, coins helps you add more moves on the game itself so if you have more coins you are MR. UNLIMITED 😀

    But in case you don’t want to purchase of course not all users do pay for the coins, you have an alternative options like , watching a video ads so that you will refill your lives, or follow Kuyi mobile on twitter and even invite your friends to play the game also just for your to have lives again or else you will wait for about 5mins just to play again the game those options are free all you need to have is the effort 🙂

    The good thing about the game is it doesn’t have time on the game itself so it means you are not pressure on thinking how to logically finish the game you can focus thinking on your strategy on how you will do your next moves.

    But since this is a FREE to PLAY game it has ads when you load the milestone page. but the good thing it just pops up when you completed the game and it doesn’t show while you are idle on the game 🙂

    So there you go guys that is a quick review and walk through the game of the Epic Paint Adventure its an educational game and can enhance your logical thinking 🙂

    Be sure to Download the Epic Paint Adventure an let’s see on who will be the first one to finish the game 🙂

    Since this is a version 1.0.0 of the app I have just some few comment and request on the next update, first one is the ability to go back to the recent stages that you have accomplish in such way you can train yourself while you are still going forward.

    second is the graphics of the paint color, to be honest at first I thought it was a shell LOL! and the worst Imagination I have is I thought it was a Poop! haha but anyways It took me a couple tries before I realize ohhhhhhh! snap! it’s a paint color not a shell, that is why I am thinking what is the relation of the shell to the game so that is just one side comment on the graphics maybe it can be improved on the next update.

    and lastly hopefully there will be a Google connect so in such way there will be ranking just like the popular game Flappy Bird you see who among your friends has the highest number so hopefully that will also come in the Epic Paint Adventure because to be honest as the levels go higher the requirements are getting harder also 🙂

    Congratulations again to Kuyi Mobile for the Wonderful Game a Great Job well done again truly Kuyi Mobile shows how Innovative and creative Filipino Game Developers are 🙂

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