Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Review


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    Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Review

    Cosmos X is the first unit from the Cosmos Series of Cherry Mobile and also has the lowest price of 9,999.

    Lets take a look first on what’s inside the box and what you’re going to see inside is the, Unit (Cosmos X), Travel Charger (1000mAh),Red and Black Back Covers, Micro USB Cable, Earphone, White Flip cover, Warranty Card, Screen Protector and the User Manual.

    Cherry Mobile Cosmos X Specifications

    • 1.2GHz MediaTek 6589 quad-core processor
    • ARM Cortex-A7
    • 4 Cores
    • PowerVR SGX 544MP
    • Screen Resolution (720×1184)
    • 320 dpi
    • Android Jelly Bean 4.2.1
    • 4.7-inch Super AMOLED HD (on-cell) screen — Gorilla Glass 2 | 5-point
    • HSPA+ | 3G | Wi-Fi b/g/n | Bluetooth | GPS
    • Dual-SIM (1 StandardSIM and 1 microSIM)
    • 18-megapixel BSI rear camera with LED flash and 8-megapixel BSI front camera
    • 4GB ROM | 1 GB RAM (microSD up to 32GB)
    • 1,800mAh battery
    • 135 x 69.7 x 7.9mm
    • Sensor Avaialble (Accelerator,Light,Orientation,Proximity,Gyroscope,Sound and Magnetic )

    Lots of accessories inside the box


    Here are some of the test experience using both the Front and Back Camera of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos X. I have tested out different ISO settings and a Flash / Without Flash Shots. in the Video review you will notice I had an Issue on the HDR Capturing where it suddenly had pinkish display on the side, hoping this can be fixed on the software update.


    Now proceeding with the Camera I have compiled all the Photos is one Album Feel free to check the details on the caption, Looking at the Back Camera First as you will see even though I am on a good lighting environment it still doesn’t get the sharpness of the photo and even on the macro shots it still can’t focus that much like the other Cherry Mobile Phones available in the market.


    Using the Cosmos X on a Low light settings is average , you will notice that it still can capture photos and still manageable to see the subject but also it has the same issue of blurry photos, then other photos are taken on a PITCH BLACK room it means there are no lights available and the light that I only use is the Led Flash to capture my subject.


    I really love the front camera of the Cosmos X in fact I always used it on my Wechat video call and even though I am on a low light situation it still manages to capture my face and the BSI capability really kicks in.


    In Good lighting situation Cosmos X Takes a Good Video recording, although it still lacks in sharpness and still a bit blurry on the edges of the subject but still for me its a very descent in taking videos .

    On a low light video recording, it manages to capture your subject but yo will see lots of noise but the stabilization is pretty well which is seems for me a good feature.


    Here are some of the notable camera features you want to try, Burst shot up to 99 shots, ISO, Panorama, HDR (Buggy), Exposure settings, Color Effect Scene Mode, White Balance and Image Properties. You can also set the the preview size from fullscreen to 4:3

    [toggle_item title =”Video Recording Test”]Preview the Video[/toggle_item]


    Cosmos X is very smooth and responsive and navigating with the UI is really fluid, Transitions, Animation, and sliding didn’t have hiccups and lags, even though the screen is small it didn’t gave any hurdles on the user experience


    • Antutu Benchmark :: 13175
    • Nena Mark 2 :: 47.6fps
    • Quadrant :: 3970
    • Refresh Rate :: 57.82
    • 3D Mark :: 2546


    Well indeed Super Amoled HD display at its finest! at first I was really annoyed of the color but as time goes by using it I got used to it and am enjoying it, the color, vibrant and saturation really helps you enjoy the

    Quality of the display and all the things that you are doing on your phone, from gaming to watching videos. and also even your on the road and under the sun you will still manage to see what you are doing on your phone.


    Speaking of Gaming I really love how the Cosmos X performs I really didn’t encounter any issues of lag on a full gaming experience even though the Live Wallpaper of the Cherry Mobile is running on the background but of course changing the wallpaper did help on improving the performance on the gaming experience.
    Display + Gaming Performance = Cosmos X


    For the battery Juice it took me around 3–4 hours for the Battery to drain when in full Gaming Straight, I did feel some heat on the back part but it’s really not that too hot that you can’t no longer play just a minor heat experience.

    and for a regular usage using call and text, wifi , social media and browsing it did took me around 12–16 hrs. depending on the usage so Usually I did had some standby time to.


    on the audio profiles you can go check the Audio enhancer and it did give a little boost on the headset and also you can try the miracast wireless dongle of you want to mirror you phone to your LCD.


    In terms of sound the speaker is not that quite good when in high volume and I recommend using a headset its much more better 😉 because the speaker quality is a bit distorted but for the headset good news it is CTIA-compliant I tried my Coloud Headset and it works well which means you don’t need to use an adapter like FiiO E6, just to make new headsets works, but the inline buttons are not working 🙁


    so for my conclusion if you want a good display for gaming and watching videos and movies definitely the Cosmos X is for your although the battery life is a bit of hurdle but with a very affordable power banks in the market now you can always have battery Juice if you need it 🙂

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