Xiaomi Mi Pad Unboxing and Initial Impression


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    Xiaomi Mi Pad Unboxing and Initial Impression

    Today Xiaomi just made the Mi Pad Tablet available in the Philippines thru the help of Lazada Online Store. The Mi Pad was Introduced Last year with a very affordable price but still have a very competitive specs which can be compared to Apple Ipad Mini.

    We’ve taken a closer look on what this device can do so without further ado here is our unboxing and Initial Impression.

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    As usual Xiaomi put the similar recycled paper material for the box packaging with just a Mi logo in front and the technical specs at the back. Opening it unveils the tablet with a fully sealed plastic cover.

    Included inside the box is the Warranty Card, User Manual, SIM Tray Ejector (For Memory Slot), USB to Micro USB cable , Travel Charger and the Mi Pad itself.

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    Build and Design

    The Mi Pad is like a tablet iPhone 5C it has the same unibody glossy plastic back what we have is the color white version and like the Redmi 2 it feels the same way when you hold it. Very smooth and comfortable , although I do recommend buying a back cover since the back is still prone to scratches since it’s very glossy when looking closely it seems it’s has scratches but cleaning it up just removes those hairline scratch look.

    Looking in front is the Mi Logo in the upper left corner then the 5-megapixel BSI front camera plus the LED notification in the middle of the two. the Screen is a 7.9-inch 2k High resolution Retina display which has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and a 320PPI. and almost 0 gap with the flat panel.

    While at the bottom is the 3 Capacitive buttons the Menu, Home and Back capacitive buttons which great news it has a backlit. the bezels it not that very thin but just right for a typical tablet design.

    At the bottom of the capacitive buttons is the Micro USB port while on the right side has the Power Button, and b with a Silver color texture. at the top is the 3.5mm Jack. Moving to the back is the 8-megapixel Rear BSI camera with 2 noise cancellation pin hole mic, while it doesn’t come with a LED flash it’s still ok since a tablet is not primarily for shooting but just to capture some quick snapshots. There is also two speaker grill at the bottom which means the device has a stereo type speaker.

    Last but not the least is the Memory Card slot that is located at the left side of the tablet which needed to use a SIM card tray ejector to pullout the card holder. It’s expandable upto 128GB but as of the moment I can’t confirm that since I still don’t have a 128GB of Micro SD. but still it’s a great addition to its device hardware feature.

    Overall for the design and build its a solid premium type tablet the Retina Display is fantastic very vibrant and has a great viewing angle that high-resolution pixel density it totally once of my favorite with this tablet and I am glad MIUI optimized it for a high-resolution display. the weight is quite heavy and also slippery when you have a sweaty hands.

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    Initial Impression

    for the Initial review I tested out some benchmarking tools and games and I was really surprised that it handled a high-resolution display flawlessly usually with this affordable price tag of 10,999 a 1080p display is not hat smooth at all you will notice some huge drop frames but comparing to the Mi Pad I rarely see that issues thinking this has a 2k resolution the software is optimized for the hardware performance, even having a very powerful NVIDIA Tegra K1 GPU.

    For the benchmark I got a score of 48,219 for the Antutu Benchmark which is really high for this tablet. but unfortunately some benchmarking tools like Quadrant and Geekbench doesn’t work properly with this device, it might be a software bug. But the great thing about the MIUI platform you can easily report a bug right into the tablet itself which what I did after I encountered the issues.

    while in terms of gaming even having again a 2k resolution the games was very smooth event in a High 3D graphics intensive game. No doubt this is one of the best tablet you can have for about 10k price range tablets. other than the Cherry Mobile Tegra Note which also uses the same GPU. But kindly take note installing games via SD Card won’t work it only reads games or OBB files when it’s stored in the Internal Storage so Rooting the device is the best choice if you want to utilize the SD Card storage for gaming and installing tons of apps. since the 16GB if very limited in terms of storage.

    The device is powered by a 2.2GHz Quad Core processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 Codename “Logan”. having a 2GB of RAM and a 16GB of Internal Storage. I have no issues in terms of performance multi tasking is just superb with this tablet downloading apps just takes a second or two to finish even loading the games. Totally this tablet is a beast for its class a solid performance for a 10k price range tablet.

    Xiaomi did a great job with this tablet responsiveness is very fluid although the animations is just slow in some cases but it’s just minor and user based preference.

    It’s now available at Lazada for only Php10,999 and the wait is totally worth it for this tablet I can say this is one of the best android tablets you can have. the retina display is just very sharp and the details is just superb.

    I will still play around with this device so stay tuned for the full review and if you have any questions feel free to comment it down below or post it in the discussion forum I might post more screenshots there also while finishing the review. so there you go this is the Xiaomi Mi Pad for only Php 10,999.

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