ASUS Strix 2.0 Gaming Headset Review


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    ASUS Strix 2.0 Gaming Headset Review

    ASUS Recently announced their newest gaming headset the Strix 2.0 and addition to the Strix Gaming headset series. The difference of the Strix 2.0 from the other series, it’s the only as of the moment the Strix Series that has an in-line microphone plus the boom microphone.

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    The Strix 2.0 comes with a very huge box, which the headset can be seen in the right panel of the box. All the details , functionality and features are written at the sides and back. Included in the box are the following:

    • Strix 2.0 Gaming Headset
    • Detachable Boom Microphone
    • Audio / Mic Splliter Adapter
    • Mobile Adapter B type (OMTP)
    • Quick Start Guide.

    The packaging is very simple but I do hope that they have included a pouch for the headset since it’s very bulky.

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    Design and Build

    It’s made up of a Matte Black finished material throughout the body, it still have the signature angry owl eye designed introduced in other Strix Series gaming headset. The outer part design is a transparent plastic cover that has an orange color eye look inside it. while the transparent plastic is very clear the only downside with that it’s prone to scratches. But for the build it’s a solid plastic material and durable.

    The ear cushion is made up of a leather type material which is very soft and comfortable. even the headband is made up of leather plush there is a stitch Strix logo at the top. The headband is also adjustable so wearing it on a long hours of gaming is not an issue.

    At the bottom is the location of the detachable Boom Microphone which is also has a uni-directional feature. Although their boom mic port doesn’t have any cover

    I really love the combination of color orange a black.

    Moving to the In-line microphone, as what I said this device has a unique feature of this headset since its also going to be affordable. The controller has a volume wheel and the there’s also a power on /off switch. muting it will mute both microphones.

    the cable is a Gold plated metal which definitely is a great quality 3.5mm Jack. The braided cable is a nice touch to the cables so it won’t tangle and the size is just 1.5 meter without the splitter adapter if attached it adds additional 1.5 meter which makes it a total of 3 meter. even the mobile adapter is Gold plated which is really nice.

    The headset has a Left and Right indicator for the position to the head when wearing also the ear caps are foldable only in 90 degrees flat in the surface so no other movements can be done. It’s a bit bulky but the weight is just OK even for its huge size form factor.

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    Sound Quality and Microphone

    The Sound quality output is superb the bass is just right not that very harsh it just perfect for gaming and even in music playback. The high and lows are well-balanced, even its just a stereo type headset it still gives a great environmental sound clarity. Footsteps of an incoming enemy in a distance will be heard which is perfect for FPS games. Using the Strix 2.0 in a long hours of gameplay is not a problem its still very comfortable and doesn’t give any pressure in the ear since it has a huge driver of 60mm it gives a large space for the ear and doesn’t touch at all.

    The noise isolation is just fantastic you will really enjoy the gaming experience with this headset.

    But for the Microphone the Boom microphone is clear in terms of communication but should not be put very near your mouth since it will give a puff sound just like my sample record in the video. but the quality is usable and has a great nose cancellation. For the In-line microphone its sounds muffled, it feels like speaking in a telephone line but then it can be managed and fairly OK to understand. and when used in mobile the in-line microphone volume is a bit low even on a max volume settings , I do hope they can still enhance the overall experience with the in-line microphone since I think it’s the main highlight of this headset. rather than the boom microphone since all of the Strix series offer that feature already.

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    I can say the Strix 2.0 is still a great Gaming Headset for all platform from PC to Mobile and Console. It may be bulky for some but it’s just a user preference the Sound quality is no doubt one of the best gaming headset out there you can buy but I do hope it will be less than $100 since the price has not yet been officially announced. should I recommend it? Yes it’s a gaming headset that has an edge with it the design and build is a total premium package.

    The boom mic is a great microphone but I do hope that the in-inline microphone can still be enhanced. so there you go that is the ASUS Strix 2.0 and be sure to check out also my review video for more details.

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