Why Men needs to use Body Wash?


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    Why Men needs to use Body Wash?

    wooohh! I know what are you thinking! and Yes! you are still in the Pinoyscreencast website 😀 but why in the world will I post this kind of Article here, because pinoyscreencast is still an educational how-to site where I share opinions,reviews and sometimes personal advice of anything , but what the heck am I sharing right now! well let me first introduce you to my new section of my site which is the lifestyle category maybe some of you have watch my experimental how to open a toothpaste properly video on my YouTube Channel I have started sharing some of the Vlogs episodes before on what I do so I wanted to bring that back gradually because lately I have been into Gadgets and Technical stuff so sometimes It comes to my mind of sharing other insights and put some personal touch on my post.

    So Why Men needs to use Body Wash? well I will be sharing my personal experience on using body wash and why I used it, actually if you’re a kind of guy who makes yourself as #tunaynalalaki sometimes its kinda awkward that you will be sharing this kind of thing to your friends and even to the world right 🙂 ? but the reality is we as Men just use anything as long as it’s not harmful in our body so we will start with Body wash.

    Ever since body wash was intended for female and there are totally NO brand that suites for male until Mr. Old Spice came 🙂 but sad to say I think it is for International market and its hard to find in the local market :(.

    Recently I stumbled using a Dove for men body wash which is really a great product because the way It looks is really for men even though the brand is intended for female as we known. but what I like about it is the Gel type form has a grain like texture which is usually you can see on some facial wash, and they applied on the Dove for men body lotion and facial wash 🙂

    But recently I tried IVI Premium Moisturizing Body Wash, when I first saw the product the first thing that came in my mind it is for female because of the Look and even how they market it but I said OK there’s nothing wrong trying a Purple bottle Body wash 😀 so I used it for a couple of weeks and surprisingly I am getting hook to it.

    silky feeling that last for a day

    Well let me first explain Why I prefer using a Body wash than Soap, OK Soap are great but using just a soap is not enough to moisturize your skin if you’re a person who heavily perspire you will feel sticky and dry every time you encounter that, so usually you need to use moisturizer to help you moisten your skin, so that’s where Body wash comes in usually if you will just use a soap you still need to use moisturizer lotion in order for your skin not to dry, but for men typically we don’t do that we don’t have time for lotions we are not females who spent 1–3 hrs of time daily just to put all the chemicals in our body right.

    So using a body wash combines that two product in one bottle which is soap + moisturizer , this is really convenient for Guys like us, we just have to use body wash and rinse and viola were done and we don’t need to use moisturizer, and that’s what I like about the IVI Moisturizing Body Wash actually I was surprise with the result because even I was whole day on an event I really didn’t feel stinky and dry comparing to the other body wash I used before.


    the only thing I don’t like is the Purple design haha it makes me conscious when buying this product, but after using it that really doesn’t bother me now because as what people say its how the product works. but in case IVI Company might land on my site I suggest they make the design of their body wash more neutral for male and female because again as I share on my previous product I bought the Dove for men because of its design and usually that is your first impression, you will not have a clue on a product on how great it is unless you tried it. but before you buy it of course you will first check is it for men or female and with IVI because of recommendation I tried it.

    Although purple color is a symbol or royalty but I wish they can remove the flower thing haha 😀 but with that I give the IVI body wash a big thumbs up for a great product although it’s a bit expensive around 800+ pesos but with the 500ml bottle you can use it for about 1–2 months depending on how you use it daily. and again comparing it to a soap + moisturizer lotion it’s still worth the price plus it’s made in Japan 😀 and I do recommend it! and also it’s available Nationwide with some of the leading stores like Watsons and Mercury Drug

    So if you’re interested to find more about the IVI products feel free to visit their Website and Facebok Page.

    So for all men out there have you ever tried using a Body Wash? if Yes, what was your experience and thoughts about it, feel free to share it on the comment section 😀 and let’s spread the word that not all female products are just for female #tunaynalalakigumagamitngbodywash

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