Themer App Beta Preview and How to use — Homescreen Customizer in just one click


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    Themer App Beta Preview and How to use — Homescreen Customizer in just one click

    Themer App has rolled out and I got a change to be part of one of the Beta testers or early users to experience this app, so we will be taking a look on how easy it is to change your home-screen in just a few clicks.

    Since it is still in the beta version you will see a Signup button and waiting list in the home-screen of the app, you will need to register and wait for the activation code on your email.

    this is my waiting list a couple of days ago

    once you supplied the activation code this is the next screen you will see which is you need to allow the themer app to access your widgets and some data 🙂

    this is the sample theme from the Themer App itself and it shows a basic introduction on how to use the app.

    you can swipe through it to navigate on the screen and once done just click the browser theme and it will show the next page.

    this is the sidebar of the Themer App and all the settings are here and also you can Browse the themes and Check what are the themes that you already downloaded.

    you can sign in using Facebook or Google

    when you go back to your home screen you might wonder where can you find the icon of the app actually for faster way you can just click the icon on the upper right corner of your screen which is below your clock and it also has the usual App icon.

    Now going back to the app to choose your theme its really easy just click the browse theme and choose the theme that you want and you will see the Apply button and just click that and wait for the download pops up.

    and just wait for this to finish and you will see your new homescreen theme

    this is the actual homescreen that I tested out and as you can see its very easy to apply and use , but take note that navigating with some of the themes might be confusing depending on the themes you have chosen.

    so here is another theme which is a Grand theft Auto Look.

    So that’s how easy it is to use this app and you can choose tons of themes inside the app because they have integrated the themes from the MyColorScreen.

    be sure to download it on the Google Play Store and experiment on it 🙂

    and again it is still on close beta so you might encounter some bugs and crashes.

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