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    What’s New?

    If you have been reading my blog for quite some time now you may notice some small changes in terms of the overall look of the site. Yes! you’re right there are new features added in the site and here are some of them.

    User Registration

    I’ve always wanted to make pinoyscreencast a community-driven site and today that finally happened if you will notice the site now has a login / register button at the upper right corner of the navigation bar. You can try and register now, you can either user Facebook, Twitter or just the generic signup form.

    Once you’ve done that you can now contribute to pinoyscreencast and share interesting contents, you will have your own profile which you can see all your shared post in the community plus you can also vote up or vote down specific contents.

    Not only you are accessible to pinoyscreencast main site but also to the dedicated forum which is the tips.pinoyscreencast.net you don’t need to create another account if you have already an account created in the forum you will be able to access the psc main site without logging into it again separately 🙂

    Submit Post / Contribute

    As mentioned a while ago you can now post your own content and admins will moderate it if the content is appropriate, we encourage you guys to share news, tutorials, tips and tricks or even personal reviews you have pinoyscreencast site is now a user base driven content site. We decided to do this since the community wanted this we receive messages from our followers asking how they can share to pinoyscreeencast. Like rooting, customs ROM ans other Geeky Stuffs.

    In order for you to post you need to be a registered user and once logged in. Just click the Add Post button beside your profile and you will see be redirected to the post submission form you can share any related content from video, photos and others stuff.


    Of course if you need help the forum / discussion site is now available feel free to post questions and if you need help we will be glad to help you out, the forums worked in real-time. If you have notifications, reply and updates you will automatically get notified in your Inbox 🙂

    I’m really excited for the next milestone of pinoyscreencast hope you enjoy this new cool features of the site and as always free to suggest comments and feedback we always take note your user experience 🙂

    there will be more updates coming up in the next few weeks so be sure to stay tune and jump in to the community so you will be the first one to know 🙂

    We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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