Unboxing ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser and Comparison with Zenfone 2


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    Unboxing ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser and Comparison with Zenfone 2

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    Today we are taking a closer look at the new ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser, slightly identical with the ZenFone 2 flagship device in terms of build and design. But different in terms of hardware feature, before we dig into the actual device let’s first take a look what’s inside the box.

    What’s inside the Box?


    Like the ZenFone 2 the Laser has the similar product packaging the same box with the image in front showcasing the device and some of the highlight features located on the side. Inside we have the Warranty Card, User Guide, USB to Micro USB, Earphone with Mic button, USB Travel Charger, Spare Earbuds (S, M) and the ZenFone 2 Laser itself.

    What we got is the Color red accent, Now let’s see the actual build and design of the ZenFone 2 Laser.

    Build and Design we love

    In front, we have a large 5.5-inches IPS Display, having the 5-megapixel front camera on the upper right part of the screen, then the LED notification on the left side of it plus the Earpiece and the ASUS logo in the top center of the screen. Sensor is located at the left part , like the ZenFone 2 it still has the half circular chrome design at the bottom while the 3 capacitive buttons (Back, Home and Recent Apps) does not have any backlit but comes with a reflective sticker.

    Moving at the back we have a large 13-megapixel rear camera with Dual Tone flash at the left side and the newly added feature is the laser autofocus on the right side of the camera. At the center is the silver color ASUS branding and the speaker grill below. It still has the capsule design circular chrome finish volume rocker similar with any other ZenFone 2 variants.

    But comparing to the ZenFone 2 back cover material which comes with a Metalic brush finish design the ZenFone 2 Laser has a reflective smooth matte finish material. Now once we removed the back cover this show the difference between the ZenFone 2 and the Laser. Out of the box, the Laser has a 3,000mAh removable battery.

    Also the both SIM slots are Micro SIM but the SIM card slots are in a different orientation the SIM 1 is located on the left side and on top of it is the Micro SD card slot while the SIM 2 slot is located on the right side.

    Unfortunately, the ZenFone 2 Laser does not come with a Rapid Charging Technology comparing to the Flagship ZenFone 2. Also, if you will look at the back cover even though it has some circuit like design it still does not include the NFC feature.

    ZenFone 2 compared to ZenFone 2 Laser

    Before you get confused with the different variants of the ZenFone 2 Laser there are actually 2 versions the 5-inch (ZE500KL) and the 5.5-inch (ZE550KL) which comes in two variants

    • ZE550KL (Snapdragon 410 / 2GB RAM — Php 8,695)
    • ZE550KL (Snapdragon 615 / 3GB RAM — Php 9,995)
    • Ze500KL (Snapdragon 410 / 2GB RAM — Php 7,695)

    UPDATE : We got a heads-up from ASUS Philippines that the ZenFone 2 Laser Snapdragon 615 variant will not be available in the Philippines as an alternative stay tuned for the ZenFone 2 Selfie that we are also going to review in the next upcoming days.

    But this devices will only come with 16GB of Internal Storage they only differ in terms of Processor and RAM capacity. you can check out our full comparison table of the 3 below.


    For sure you’re curious how it compares with the ZenFone 2 in terms of the build and design, here is our rundown.

    Here is the front view of the ZenFone 2 on the Left and the ZenFone 2 Laser at the right at first glance you will not see any difference between the two but if you look closely the ZenFone 2 has a larger earpiece and Camera module but slightly smaller in terms of height but not noticeable.

    Now on the side they have the same thickness but when you hold the two the ZenFone 2 feels much more comfortable for me 🙂 and again the weight is almost identical even the ZenFone 2 Laser having a removable battery.

    While at the top they have the same position for the power button but if you look closely the icon of the power button has a different placement on the ZenFone 2 laser which is position on the right side and the Noise cancellation pin hole is quite larger and shifter on the right.

    Below you will see that the USB port is both located at the center but the Pin Hole microphone has changed position on the ZenFone 2 Laser which is now on the black boundary.

    And last but not the least is the Rear part which has the big difference, you will see that the Dual tone flash is now located on the left side of the camera while there is a new Laser autofocus on the ZenFone 2 Laser. But still the volume rocker is the same between the two.

    That’s it for now and stay tuned for our full review of the ZenFone 2 Laser and we will also have a comparison of the two plus also we have the unit for the ZenFone Selfie which we are also going to compare with the two, so this will be a very exciting comparison between the three. Plus! there will be another device coming in the next couple of weeks so be sure to stay tuned on that.

    Let us know in the comment section what are the things you want to see in the full review 🙂

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