Smart Telecom new offering “SURFMAX”, Goodbye UNLILTE/SURF Plan


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    Smart Telecom new offering “SURFMAX”, Goodbye UNLILTE/SURF Plan

    Smart silently announced the counterpart of UnliSurf / UnliLTE plan for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscriber plus SmartBRO customers.

    Users are now receiving a new notification that After October 31, 2015 UNLISURF will not longer be available and a new plan will be used. Dubbed as SMART SURFMAX.

    We contacted Smarts Hotline but as of the moment their Customer Service representative can’t give any further details until it’s already implemented after October 31. Since this is a new plan we are curious on how the UNLIMITED offering will now be? since a couple of weeks ago users also received notifications that the UNLI offering will no longer be offered but will now just be monthly data allocation.

    All of this are just draft information, will update you guys once we got further information regarding the new plan scheme.

    But do take note that the new SURFMAX Promo is valid from October 31, 2015 to April 30, 2016. For further info regarding the new plan visit their official page.

    But here is the new keyword to use on October 31. We suggest for prepaid customers if you’re planning to have another 30days plan be sure to wait until the said date to lessen the confusion for the new plan.

    SURFMAX will be available for both Postpaid and Prepaid Subscribers plus also to SmartBRO Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.


    What are the available Smart SurfMax packages?

    ProductDescriptionKeywordPriceValiditySurfMax 50*P501 day3G All-day surfingSURFMAX50SurfMax 299*P2997 daysSURFMAX299SurfMax 999*P99930 daysSURFMAX999Surfmax Plus 50P501 dayLTE All-day surfing FMAXPLUS50SURFMAXPLUS50SurfMax Plus 299P2997 daysSURFMAXPLUS299SurfMax Plus 995P99530 daysSURFMAXPLUS995

    *Also available to TNT subscribers


    SURFMAX POSTPAIDProductKeywordPriceValiditySurfMax 995SURFMAX995P99530 DaysSurfMax 995 AutorenewGO SURFMAX995P99530 Days

    Smart Bro

    ProductKeywordPriceValiditySurfMax 50P501 daySURFMAX50SurfMax 85P852 daysSURFMAX85SurfMax 200P2005 daysSURFMAX200SurfMax 250P2507 daysSURFMAX250SurfMax 299P2997 daysSURFMAX299SurfMax 500P50015 daysSURFMAX500SurfMax 995P99530 daysSURFMAX995

    NameInclusionsValidityPriceSyntaxSurf Max 50All Day LTE Internet browsing1 dayP50Available on October 31, 2015Surf Max 85All Day LTE Internet browsing2 daysP85Available on October 31, 2015Surf Max 200All Day LTE Internet browsing5 daysP200Available on October 31, 2015Surf Max 250All Day LTE Internet browsing7 daysP250Available on October 31, 2015Surf Max 500All Day LTE Internet browsing15 daysP500Available on October 31, 2015Surf Max 995All Day LTE Internet browsing30 daysP995Available on October 31, 2015

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