Uber Manila to offer CASH Payment


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    Uber Manila to offer CASH Payment

    Starting this week Uber Manila will roll out their new experimental program called CASH Payment Program where riders can now pay in CASH. As riders demand for this feature since majority of the consumers still don’t have credit cards Uber initiated to implement this feature.

    There will be a new feature within the app to switch from card to cash payment.

    Watch the video above to see the Uber Manila Cash Training Video for further details, Here are some of Ubers friendly reminders to take note of with this new program for both riders and operators.

    Things to remember:

    • Green screen means the rider chose the cash payment option.
    • If the trip will go through a toll payment, never ask for an extra cash for the toll, it will be automatically placed on the total fare.
    • Always make sure that you have enough cash for the change.
    • If the box is colored grey, it means the rider chose credit card as payment.

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