Samsung Analyst Find a Way to Double Lithium Ion Battery Capacity


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    Samsung Analyst Find a Way to Double Lithium Ion Battery Capacity

    Smartphones have changed the entire technological world. In recent years more and more smartphones are being introduced by so many different brands. The cell phones keep on upgrading to better features like; new software, better cameras, slimmer and lightweight bodies and some amazing other features. Almost everyone these days has a smartphone, a phone is not just a phone these days.

    You have all your contacts, pictures, videos and even documents stored in this one piece of gadget. Despite having a lot of great features, the only thing that is not focused by so many brands is the battery time. Brands may claim that the battery time is better than before and will not let you down.

    However after some time when the phone gets a little old, the battery starts to drain. Many people have the issue of their battery draining out too quickly which causes a lot of frustration. Samsung is a very popular brand of smartphones and is known to provide their customers with excellent quality phones. Samsung mobile phones at Kaymu Philippines and EasyShop Philippines or any other online store are available for you with all the latest features. There are many designs and models of smartphones that Samsung offers.

    Recently researchers at Samsung have discovered a way that would help increase lithium ion battery capacity. In simple words, batteries have two ends which are the positive side and the negative side. When the sides age with the usage of the phone, the battery time reduces.

    The analyst at Samsung has been able to develop a silicon cathode material that produces Graphene coating on the surface that is made from silicon. This will increase the energy density in the phones which will eventually improve battery capacity.

    The newly discovered material called Graphene is a good conductor and as it is used on top of the silicon coating, there is no formation of silicon carbide. This new method will allow the charging cycle to get better.

    According to a research, this method will be 1.5 to 1.8 times better than a normal lithium ion battery which is commonly used these days. Also, the researchers at Samsung claim that they are using multiple layers to improve the battery performance. In other words, this method will improve your phone battery life up to two times, which is a lot!

    The team at Samsung are hopeful that this discovery will change the entire cellular world. With so many technological developments, this new method might do wonders. Imagine a life of no worries about having to charge your phone a dozen time. Or to worry about your battery getting drained when you go out for a long time.

    This discovery will help a lot of people and might be another breakthrough by Samsung. In a world of portable power banks and chargers, it does not seem to be a difficult thing to charge your smartphone. However, if you have to do it so many times then it can get frustrating. So hopefully this new discovery will have benefits for smartphone users!

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