Playstation 4 Jailbreak confirms successfully by a hacker


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    Playstation 4 Jailbreak confirms successfully by a hacker

    Yup! you read it right it seem some hacker(s) is working on to reverse engineer the latest console of Sony the PS4. A Twitter handle name called CTurt claimed he manage to successfully exploited the console. Which means users will be able to put custom firmware, play pirated games and emulated other things.

    If you will check his twitter account he is continuously working on this stuff ever since. Although tutorials and download link has not been publicly posted. But we are more excited in the custom firmware side where we will be able to add some other stuff in the future like adding a 1080p streaming and recording in game for more than 30mins. But of course, SONY might not be happy with this news and can patch an update anytime soon.

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