Uber lets you now book a ride using Facebook Messenger


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    Uber lets you now book a ride using Facebook Messenger

    Uber announced today a new way of booking a ride using their service in partnership with Facebook users can now use Messenger which is the dedicated Facebook messaging app to book a ride. Check the video below how it works

    Uber users can track all the details of their booking in the app from where the location and payment history.

    • Meeting a loved one for dinner? Send them the restaurant location on Messenger, and they can request a ride there by simply tapping on the address.
    • Running late for a work meeting? Share your current Uber trip with coworkers through Messenger so they know exactly when you‚Äôll arrive.
    • Picking up friends in your Uber on the way to a concert? Request in Messenger and your friends will know when to be outside to jump into the Uber.

    There will be a new icon in the messenger app to access this feature, although the said feature is only available in the U.S. right now but will soon roll out in other countries soon. Actually, this idea will work trumendously in the Philippines since locally there is a FREE Facebook for every users in every Telco subscription you are in. Before I was actually saying to my friends why not this apps implement this like GrabTaxi which is also a popular booking service in the Philippines.

    Based on experience some other people doesn’t event have any load but do have a FREE facebook access thanks to the Internet.org and the FREE Faccebook offered by different local telco providers. So hopefully we can see this implemented by other ride booking app services for faster and easier ride.

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