Pinoyscreencast — Accidental YouTube Account Delete/Closed Issue


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    Pinoyscreencast — Accidental YouTube Account Delete/Closed Issue

    [alert alert_type=”info” ] UPDATE: AS OF 1:45 Tuesday May 14, 2013

    I’ve got an email from the support team of youtube

    Thank you for your email.

    I’ve escalated your case to a specialist team for review. I’ll follow up with you again as soon as I hear back from the team.

    Thanks for your patience!


    [alert alert_type=”info” ] UPDATE: AS OF 10:50 Tuesday May 21, 2013

    After one week of waiting a big surprise came up, upon viewing my account on YouTube I saw the logo of PINOYSCREENCAST active again on the left side panel of the YouTube Website, and when I clicked it , My Original Pinoyscreencast channel loaded , It’s Like I won a lottery seeing my channel again alive , with the subscribers, almost half a million views and all my videos all intact no damage at all woot!, and the good news the LIVE EVENTS is now on my channel which is in the upcoming weeks I might come up with a livestreaming show woot! which is my plan before my channel was deleted , this is really a big blessing, a couple of weeks before this happens I was totally stressed and depressed which I can’t explain why, My creativity is really out of no where :(, but after this devastating experienced happen to me, I realized a lot of things despite of all the negativity went on after this things happen.

    and because my channel is back I think my new channel will still be there but I might use it for some other interesting stuffs so stay tune. party! party!


    Last night while I am fixing my account on my YouTube channel, I accidentally Closed/Deleted my account all I wanted is just to merge my account, because recently Google YouTube has updated their platform of making your YouTube Account and Google Account as one with the help of the Google Plus Account, although I like that feature because you can create multiple YouTube accounts on a single email address by just creating Google Plus pages and I have no problem about that.

    But my concern is that before Google Implemented this my main account Pinoyscreencast is my default YouTube Channel , but after updating my account , I am not sure , and I can’t remember also if I did it my Pinoyscreencast YouTube channel became a Google Page+, so I wanted it to be fixed by merging my main account to my main channel. so it will not be confusing

    So what I did is look for the settings about it and found some links

    So I clicked that “Close account and delete all services and information associated with it”, because on my head I wanted my Google+ page account to be deleted. and thought that it will just close that Google Page+ ,

    yeah! I know you may stay that is so stupid thing to do, I admit I got careless and stupid that night 🙁 because of my frustration of merging my account.

    and then another window prompted similar to this one but with a fewer apps/services, as what I remember only Google plus,YouTube,and I forgot the other one 🙁

    so what I did is check all the boxes and clicked DELETE GOOGLE ACCOUNT 🙁 and boom after refreshing my YouTube Channel is gone 🙁 and that night my life just crashed and shrink like a titanic ship torn in the middle 🙁 realizing what have I done that is my worst mistake ever! visiting my channel it shows this channel was closed and is no longer available.

    and when I visit my recent video it shows blank thumbnail and showing on the video when you play it is this

    seeing that in a flesh is really depressing and devastating 🙁

    so what I did is Googled on how to fix this issue , good thing to know that there are videos of how-to’s on how to fix it but the problem the years are 2010–2012 so it means this are old links and when you visit the links either they are dead or you will see other pages and will redirect you to other stuffs.

    the first thing that I did is click the SEND FEEDBACK at the bottom of the YouTube Website and put my concern if full detail.

    it may be for feedbacks only but you may never know it might help right.

    although I did a status post on my Fanpage and personal account on Facebook so that by friends, subscribers and other will be informed that I have accidentally deleted my account , and hoping that they may help me on sending some other links. to send in my concerns. so a friend of my mind send a link going to the YouTube forum

    and there I posted by concern on what happened on my account

    here is my actual post!msg/youtube/yJGaVjL0UDo/BOqlnxZpHxIJ

    so slept around 3am just to calm my self and wait for results for some good or bad news the next day

    so TUESDAY, MAY 14, 2013 around 8:30 I opened my email and I got a reply on my post on the forum

    and the user “The Lady From Uncle” linked me to this site

    so again, I posted my concern in full detailed format on what happened and waiting for the reply.

    I am Still hoping for a good news because creating full length videos is not a joke, I put my full-time effort on creating this videos it may not be a viral or had a thousand views still for me that video is very precious, the moment you put your knowledge and skills just to accomplish a video, that means you put your heart and dedication to share your knowledge to help anyone,

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