Viber Now Available for Windows and Mac and many more..


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    Viber Now Available for Windows and Mac and many more..

    Viber is one of my favorite android app because it’s a life saver if I don’t have load balance on my phone I can just easily contact my friends with this app. but now you can do that as much easier, I my self is still a desktop/laptop user from day-to-day I see sit in front of my desktop computer. So in many cases I still want a viber version for desktop like skype, what I really like about the viber is that it’s more simple and minimalist you just send message and add some smileys boom your done.

    Viber has been launch primarily for mobile phones but now it is available on different platforms like Windows, Mac and many more. You can download the desktop version at

    here is a quick look of Viber for windows I have blurred some of the section for privacy concerns 🙂

    This is the actual inteface when you open the Viber application very minimalist has 4 buttons on the far left side and all your Viber friends, Viber Also Updated their Mobile Apps both on Android and IOS you will notice now that you can video call and send video over the Viber app, I will have a separate post for the Android Update of the Viber App.

    This is the actual look when you can a friend on Viber you will see the it is quite similar with the Skype Interface when you call there is video,mic,drop call, transfer call,volume and full screen.

    On the settings menu the great thing about the desktop application is that you can choose your webcam and audio preferences, so like mine I typically use my Logitech c920 and my Podcast Microphone Samson. so you can change that settings here.

    Another settings is the Notifications you can choose on where it will pop up, and as a default it is on the lower right corner of your screen.

    Another settings is that you can have a full history of your conversation, this is one of my problems on the mobile app typically when I do my rooting on my android phone even though I have backup all my apps still the conversations on Viber doesn’t save so I am glad that this feature is available on the desktop version pretty nifty 🙂

    and of course the social connect you can add your facebook account so you can easily invite and share your viber link to your friends

    here is the look of the dial pad on the desktop.

    so if you want to try this application on your computer simply visit and download the application 🙂

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