Nokia Refocus Now Available for Nokia Lumia


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    Nokia Refocus Now Available for Nokia Lumia

    Nokia has launch another app called Nokia Refocus,

    is a cutting edge imaging app that lets you capture first and then focus and re-focus later to produce interactive photos that can be shared on Facebook, which your friends can adjust as well.

    it’s an interactive app where you take a shot of a subject that is focus and then it will capture multiple images and convert it to a dynamic image where you can tap any part of the image you want it to focus , it acts like a DOF on a dslr but a much easier way.

    there are two process on the App first is the Focus which is the default feature where you focus your subject and after you convert it you can tap any part of the image to focus the DOF, the second one is the Colour POP which it gives you a color dropper tool then once you selected part of the image it focus on that color once you tab on it.

    the great thing about this app is the sharing feature which is similar with instagram and vine where you can share it to your friends or embed it to your site like what I did here check out my sample shot 🙂

    you can go try it out and download it on the Windows App Store and see for yourself the magic happens 🙂


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