How to get Vine now on Windows Phone — Nokia Lumia 1020


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    How to get Vine now on Windows Phone — Nokia Lumia 1020

    the App is now Available Globally in the Windows App Stores

    Well Vine recently announced the Availability of the Vine app on Windows Phone, but unfortunately if you want to download it now in the Philippines you will not see it on the windows phone app shop, so here’s a quick tutorial on how you can download it 😉

    Here is a quick Instagram Video I created on how to install the Vine on Windows Phone

    Download video: MP4 format
    Step 1

    If you will search it on the Windows App Store as you will see the Vine app is not available and the 6sec app only available and the likes which is also the same as the vine but with ads.

    step 2

    Now what you need to do is click the search icon on the lower right of the screen so it will search in the web.

    step 3

    and as you will see it will show the vine site which is, click that and it will redirect you to the official vine site with the windows app.

    step 4

    click the Get it for Windows and it will automatically redirect and start downloading the app 🙂

    just click install and wait for it to finish and that’s it you can now use the Vine for Windows Phone 🙂

    Actual Interface of the Vine app

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