MSI Launched 1st Gaming Laptop with full Mechanical Keyboard GT80 Titan SLI in the Philippines


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    MSI Launched 1st Gaming Laptop with full Mechanical Keyboard GT80 Titan SLI in the Philippines

    MSI just launched a beast of a specs Gaming laptop intended for professional gamer and people who don’t want to bring heavy desktop to accomplish their task.

    The MSI GT80 Titan SLI has a full pledge mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Switches. Packed with the latest Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX980M SLI capable and can put upto 3 external monitors that also supports 4k Display which is top of the line gaming laptop.

    In the package also includes a Gold plated keyboard caps (A,S,W,D and Dragon Emblem). the difference with the stock keys the Gold version can last longer so it will not fade easily.

    GT80 Titan SLI can have a maximum capacity of 32GB memory, they also included the Steel Series Engine features now with CloudSync and low CPU capability. if you’re a steel series users that has configuration thru cloud sync it can easily be accessed.

    It has Super RAID 3 technology with 4 SSD RAID 0 which features read/write speed of 1600MB/sec. Since it’s a very huge gaming laptop that has a Dimension of 45.6 x 33 x 4.9 cm and Weight 4.5Kg (w/ Battery). they added the Cooler Boost 3 for a better performance and less noise even though it has large heat pipes inside they still manage to crate a nice cooling vents.

    the MSI GT80 Titan SLI has a unique look it’s not the typical gaming laptop that you need to remove the screws just to upgrade and replace some parts of the system. with a simple slide on the panel in front all the necessary components are accessible. but of course MSI don’t recommend doing it by yourself in case you want it since it will void the warranty.

    Keyboard layout is slightly different since this is a full qwerty keyboard you might ask where is the numpad and trackpad. Well both features are already combine which is located at the right side of the keyboard to acess the trakpad simply click the numlock and it will convert to a trackpad but if you want to use the keypad or numpad simply press the numlock button again and the trackpad will convert to a keypad.

    So far it has a great display very tactile keyboard and the trackpad is pretty smooth and I’m glad they putted in on the side so users will not have a problem of accidentally pressing the trackpad.

    the battery can only last an hour since practicality usage this will not be used for mobile usage since it’s very heavy so users will always plug this to have a better power and stability.and in fact the adapter is very huge quite similar size with an average AVR.

    since we only had a limited time playing around with the device the GT80 Titan SLI is a one huge investment and MSI offers a 2 yea warranty. although no words yet for the official price but i’m pretty much sure it will be around 200k.

    so let me know in the comment section on what do you think about the MSI latest gaming laptop.

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