Mokacam — World’s Smallest 4k Camera with Detachable LCD Module


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    Mokacam — World’s Smallest 4k Camera with Detachable LCD Module

    We’ve seen a lot of Action Camera this year and all of them has it’s own unique functionality and features. Today Mokacam a HongKong base startup is game changing the Action Camera.

    It got our attention with it’s very unique module type features so let’s start with the comparison with the known Action Camera in the market right now.

    Now as you can see in the table there are notable features that Mokacam stand out compare to it’s competition.

    First thing we noticed is the Detachable 2.0 LCD panel yes it’s a separate device that can be attached on the side of the camera. Not only it’s a detachable LCD but can also be rotated upto 270 degree which perfectly captures any angle of your shots, but it also have it’s own battery module inside it so it will not share the battery from the camera itself. which is pretty much a big factor for the Mokacam.

    Next is the Detachable battery but nope it’s not the typical battery that you usually need to turn of the device then plug another battery pack just for you to shoot again. With Mokacam the battery pack can easily be attached to the back of the camera by just clipping it to have an infinite recording time until you run out of battery juice.

    Action Camera are usually have a fish eye effect which make it distorted but with the Mokacam it has this feature called normal angle mode so from a fish eye capture shot it will convert it to a typical wide angle shot with the write perspective pretty nifty feature.

    Another added bonus is a motion detector that automatically records once it detected any moving subjects and the Magnetic mount that helps you put the Mokacam on any surfaces like the hood of the car or any flat metal surface.

    to give you more details on how great the quality of the photos using the Mokacam they provided some sample shots taken thru the device itself.

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