Local Brand Smartphones that are 700MHz Ready


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    Local Brand Smartphones that are 700MHz Ready

    One of the biggest question from our readers is what are the local brand handsets that are capable or already equipped with 700MHz Band? Based on our resources the 700Mhz band that will be used in the Philippines is the Band 28. So here are the local brands devices that are already equipped with 700Mhz.

    O+ USA

    O+ Team confirmed the devices below are 700MHz ready but they will add more in the next few days.
    [aps_product id=”42085″]
    [aps_product id=”43791″]

    Cherry Mobile

    Unfortunately, none of they current Cherry Mobile devices are equipped with 700MHz even the latest Cherry Mobile M1 is not yet 7000MHz ready but based on our contact inside Cherry future handsets will be 700MHz ready.


    Same story as the Cherry Mobile, Starmobile’s current devices are not yet 700MHz ready even one of the new device that they will launch next week.


    MyPhone already teased that their upcoming 6 devices will be 700MHz ready but as of the moment currently available smartphones and tablets in the market are not yet 700Mhz ready.


    Still waiting also for feedbacks from SKK marketing team

    UPDATE This story is still developing

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