HTC Vive VR now available locally for 50k


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    HTC Vive VR now available locally for 50k

    VR gaming is getting all the attention this year and HTC is just one of the few to launch their own VR gaming headset. But to get a HTC Vive VR is quite hard and its in demand right now and a bit pricey also. Thankfully, you can buy one now thru PCHUB they are offering the HTC Vive for around Php59,950 on a regular price but if you have the money to spend they offer a huge discount for cash basis and you will just pay Php49,999 that’s a 10k discount. be sure to message them on their official fanpage because they only have limited quantities as of the moment.

    UPDATE : Villman also listed today their own offering of the HTC Vive with a suggested retail price of Php49,999.

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