Globe to offer 7 Days FREE Access for Pokemon Go


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    Globe to offer 7 Days FREE Access for Pokemon Go

    Globe launched their newest Data monitoring App ‘Globe Switch’ which lets the users access offering from Globe and monitor their data usage when using different apps.

    globe switch

    Globe Switch is designed with three main functions: OFFERS, CONTROL and USAGE. Under Offers are the best app deals that are only exclusive within Globe Switch. These deals are ready for download, ideal for those new to navigating online and using mobile data. Users can freely try and purchase these deals at a more affordable price. Globe Switch is your gateway to more than 3 GB worth of access to over 50 of the most popular apps. Purchases are conveniently charged to ones prepaid load, while some apps are permanently FREE to explore.

    But one of the unexpected announcement is the announcement for Pokemon Go fans which we all know as of the moment Pokemon Go is not yet available in our country. Although Globe didn’t shared a hint when Pokemon Go will arrive locally but they guaranteed once the app goes like locally they will offer a 7 days FREE access to the game. but there is only one requirement to achieve the free access, by simply downloading their new App Globe Switch. Not only the 7 Days free access for the Pokemon Go but also starting July 21 and for a limited time only, Globe is giving the first 500,000 Globe Switch users free 5 days access to the app of their choice! Users can avail of the “Special Launch Day Treat” option under the OFFERS tab to choose their free app.

    Watch the announcement

    globe switch

    Download the FREE app of Globe now

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