Future of Photoshop running on a Browser


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    Future of Photoshop running on a Browser

    Ever wanted to use your favorite software (ex. Photoshop) via Browser, yes You can run Software via Browser and that is what Mainframe2 is envisioning for you to believe what I am saying click the Image Below and it will redirect you to the ventubeat post where it runs the Photoshop Software in the Browser and it shows how far are you on the server, and be amaze how fast it reflects on the application its like you’re using it in realtime.

    I was testing out the tool and wow I was blown away on how this can be possible 🙂

    as you will see I am 6965 miles away from the server dude! that is really far but if you are going to use the Mainframe2 sample app it’s like you just sitting with that computer running the Photoshop Software.


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