Cherry Mobile P1 — Smartphone that can remotely access your Phonebook,Messages and Multimedia


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    Cherry Mobile P1 — Smartphone that can remotely access your Phonebook,Messages and Multimedia

    Bringing an expensive Smartphone on a Public area is always uncomfortable, you’re always thinking that someone might just grab your phone.

    Here is quick video on how to configure the phone

    Cherry Mobile Introduces the P1 a Unique way of connecting your smartphone remotely with a Bluetooth powered phone.

    Since the Cherry Mobile P1 is a featured phone it is using the T9 keypad.

    Cherry Mobile P1 is a lightweight phone that you can us to remotely access your Phonebook, Messages and even your Multimedia like Music.

    the Cherry Mobile P1 Supports the following, Remote Dialer, Music Player and SMS Viewer the P1 also have a Single SIM Slot and a Micro SD Slot which is up to 4GB but I have tested it out on a 16GB of Micro SD and it just worked fine. it also has a VGA camera but it’s too crappy to use, well what can you expect on a very affordable featured phone.

    it has an FM Radio Functionality but the weird thing is that you need to plug a headset in order for it to work which is the Cherry Mobile P1 doesn’t have any Jack for the Headset unless you have a micro USB type Headset.

    What I like about the Cherry Mobile P1 is that it is very easy to use and very lightweight you can bring it anyware without even pulling out your expensive Smartphone.

    in order for the Cherry Mobile P1 to work you must pair it with a Bluetooth Device so if you have a Smartphone that has Bluetooth capability the Cherry Mobile P1 will just work fine, But there is a catch not all Smartphone has the MAP Capability or they call it Message Access Profile like on my end I tested it out on a Cherry Mobile Titan 2.0 and good thing it has the MAP capability but when I tested it out to Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z and Omega XL the Messaging feature did not work because they don’t have that capability but all the other functionality like remote dialer and Phonebook Access are working fine.

    so that is the only downside of the phone when it comes to connectivity, I cannot guarantee that it will work on you current device but if the messaging feature is not very usable to you well your just good to go.

    I really like the Remote Dialer feature because you can access your Phonebook remotely and you can even call any of your contacts and talk to them via the Cherry Mobile P1 so you don’t have to use your expensive Smartphone in public just to talk with your contacts simply use the Cherry Mobile P1 as your Dialer and Receiver.

    But hopefully Cherry Mobile have added a 3.5mm Jack this phone will be perfect because as of now if you want to play a music it will be a public multimedia because it will use the build in speaker of the phone because currently it doesn’t have a headset unless you buy a Micro USB version of a Headset.

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