TESDA offering Free Online Course / E-Learning Programs


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    TESDA offering Free Online Course / E-Learning Programs

    The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is now offering a FREE! online course that let’s anyone learn online by simply registering to the official TESDA Online E-Learning Site.

    What is the Requirement?

    Internet Connection, Laptop or Desktop or you can access it on an internet cafe in case you don’t have a laptop or desktop.

    Here are some of the Courses that they are offering:

    There are still sub-categories on some courses just be sure to check the site and check all the categories.

    Can I enroll in more than one course?

    Yes! you’re not limited to one course as long as you pass the exams you can take other courses

    Is there any Deadline or timeline on finishing the Course?

    None, as long as you have time in taking the course you can finish it anytime you want

    Is there any Fee when registering on any course?

    The site is a Free! E-learning portal for everyone who wants to learn.

    Is there a Certification after finishing the Online Course?

    There is no certificate given, however, you can take the actual ASSESSMENT or NATIONAL CERTIFICATION exam when you get home (for OFW’s) or to the nearest TESDA Assessment centers. When you pass the exam, then you can get the certificate or license.

    I’m glad TESDA has implemented this E-learning Site because this will be a great benefit not only for people here in the Philippines who want to learn all this Courses for FREE! but also the OFW’s that are outside the country they can access all the Modules and Materials and Learn anytime they want.

    noticable that they are also using the Moodle and Open Source E-learning Tool which is a great tool for implementing an E-learning Site.

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