Adobe Photoshop CS6 — New Features: Crop Perspective Tool [Pre-release]


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    Adobe Photoshop CS6 — New Features: Crop Perspective Tool [Pre-release]

    We are always amazed on how Adobe Systems work on their digital products it’s been months/year since they released the CS5 and CS5.5 version. and now they have showed some of the new features at the max event that they will be putting on the cs6 version.

    So we stumble on the web, and we found a pre-released version of the adobe photoshop cs6 for trial version, we tested it out and look at some of the new great exciting features and we are blown away for the huge change of the cs6 version, from making your workflow easy to much faster productivity.

    and so we decided to create a Tagalog screencast series to show the new tools, enchancement and features that they put into the cs6 version of Photoshop.

    First on the list is the enhanced version of the crop tool which is always been there since the earlier version of the photoshop, but here they have changed the default settings and added some new look on version cs6.

    As you can see, it has now two crop tool and the new Perspective crop tool icon, but the perspective crop feature is already implemented in the cs5 version, but ill show you what are the added features on the next images.

    Now when you use the crop tool it shows you a guide or a tool tip on the fly which is handy because now you will see the actual size of your cropping area while you are still dragging it, not like before you need to type the specific size or look at the info tab to see the positions and size that you are in.

    here’s another handy tool tip and a new feature on cs6 where you can rotate the image while you are cropping the tool tip shows you how many degrees that you have rotated the image, this is helpful when you have an image that is rotated and you want to staighten it to fit your cropping area.

    the offset tool tip this shows when you move an image while your cropping tool is still active same as the other tool tips this also show a info on how far did the image move from its original position, from left,right,top and bottom , this is very handy in web designing because you will see how far the image from the original area.

    cropping will not be perfect if you dont have the right guides, so now in CS6 version they added a additional guides like the golden spiral ratio,triangle, and diagonal and also they have organize it more on a 1 button which you can toggle by choosing cycle overlay, your cropping method will be perfect just like a photographer shooting on its subject.

    Presets are time saver cs6 now has built in basic size ratio, rather than typing it manually on the menu and also you can now save your own presets to have your own custom presets that will help you on your future projects. this can be seen on the menu bar and also by right clicking on the mouse.

    straightening images was introduced on cs5 version of photoshop but to find that tool you need to go to FILTERS > LENS CORRECTION > STRAIGHTENING TOOL, so in cs6 version they made it much easy to navigate it is now part of the crop tool which is on the menu bar as you see on the image and then just drag the first point to the other end point of the image you want to straighten and it will automatically crop and straighten the image.

    perspective crop tool is already introduce on cs5 also but even I didn’t notice it was there 🙁 so I compared the two and base on observation from the previous version you need to create a crop area first before you can edit the points of the perspective points not like in cs6 when you select the perspective crop tool you can choose where to position the 4 points of the cropping tool and from there you can adjust the grids before you apply it and its more visual now than before.

    here is also another test of the perspective crop tool so even though the area is not perspective you can still use it to crop and adjust the image you want , so base on the example the original image is rotated and I selected the area that I want to crop and magically it straighten the image and crop to the selection I chose.

    Now to you saw the new feature of the cropping tool , will this help you on your workflow? send us your comment on what can you say about this new feature of the adobe cs6.

    this is just one of the new features and we will post more of the other added tools and enchantments on cs6 so stay tune. and don’t forget to watch the video even though its on tagalog version you can still follow by just watching 🙂 and do subscribe on our youtube channel for weekly updates of our new videos.

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