How to Activate the Multiple Sign-in feature of Gmail


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    How to Activate the Multiple Sign-in feature of Gmail

    Opening different email address is a daily task for everyone, but hassle for marketing people or people who have multiple email and need to access it once they receive a notification, so this tutorial will help you switch onto your different email address in just a click of a button and also using just a single browser but take note this is for gmail users only. 🙂

    First you need to login your gmail account by going to and if you haven’t signup one go click the signup button and it will just take you a minute to register. So once you have login you will see the mail setting when you click the gear icon at the upper right corner of your gmail account.

    then on the settings window you will see different tabs but choose the ACCOUNTS AND IMPORT tab and you will see the OTHER GOOGLE ACCOUNT SETTINGS click that to proceed to another window.

    while your in the security settings you will see the multiple sign-in and as a default it’s set to OFF so to turn it ON click EDIT.

    Here you can edit it if you want to activate the feature or not by clicking the ON radio button and checking the options then press save , you have now activated the multiple sign-in feature to see it in action reload by clicking the refresh button on your browser.

    and once you click your email address at the top of your gmail account it will have a new button called SWITCH ACCOUNT go click that and you will see the sign in to another account choose that and sign in your other gmail account it can be a regular gmail account or the corporate gmail account ex. [email protected]

    if you did it correctly and have logged in your other email account you will see this kind of tab when you click again you email address.

    So hope this help accessing your emails much faster and easier by just using a single browser this minimized opening multiple browser just to login your gmail account.

    You can also watch the screencast video for more visual presentation enjoy!

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