Bringing back the Action Film : Boy Golden


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    Bringing back the Action Film : Boy Golden

    It’s been a while since action film has dominated the movie industry, as I remember it was 80’s to 90’s the dawn of Robin Padila, FPJ, Lito Lapid and many action star but since the year of 2000 fantasy film has set the stage and that really change the phase in terms of action movies, but it just change after 2011 when Asiong Salonga won the Metro Manila Film Festival. and also 2nd Best Picture for the 2012 Emilio Aguinaldo biopic, “El Presidente.”

    It gave birth again to the dawn of action pack movies where here in the Philippines Action Movie is one of the most anticipated movies.

    This year can the latest entry for the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival Boy Golden sets another record for the Action Film, can it capture the heart of the Filipino like what they did with the recent Asiong Salonga Story.

    Boy Golden is really a promising movie from the Legendary Director Chito S. Rono and Both Award Winning Artist Jeorge Estregan and KC Concepcion.

    Although KC told in our interview in the recent Mall Show last December 21 that it was her first time to be on an action movie, it was challenging but at the same time fulfilling she said but it was really a new experience for her. we know KC as a VJ at MTV and a Palmolive Girl. she really love to set her character to a new level, that is why for her this movie is one of her unforgettable moment with Director Chito S. Rono and for her career because she quoted “ Kaya ko pala mag action”.

    I am Glad that Boy Golden still made its entry on the 39th Metro Manila Film Festival even though there have been some conflicts a couple of months ago.

    the Movie will set to show this December 25 and the Premiere night is actually today December 23, we are really excited to see on how the film story line will go, can this film win another Best Picture Award, and can KC Concepcion be the next Best Actress which is from her recent award as best supporting actress.

    BOY GOLDEN Synopsis

    From the shadows of gangland Manila rises a familiar gangster; thought as dead by many but now back and thirsty for revenge. Arturo Porcuna, now known as “Boy Golden”, treads back to the streets of gangsters to seek revenge against an old adversary.

    Inspired by the story of a real life gangster Arturo “Boy Golden” Porcuna during the 60’s, the movie takes the story of the “unkillable” gangster back to its realm of gun fights, bloodshed, reputation and revenge; packed with another chapter of finding out where the heart lies amidst the bullet filled world of Gang-land Manila.

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