How to Root Cherry Mobile Fusion Tablet


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    How to Root Cherry Mobile Fusion Tablet

    Upon purchasing the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt yesterday on the #FusionMania in North Edsa I manage to have mine after long hours of waiting, so after the lineup event LOL!, Upon checking the unit we saw that the SUPERSU apk has been removed because base from the first reviewers the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt is on the Engineering release or we can say prototype model when they got it, so for the consumer release they have removed it but luckily saying that it is still PRE-ROOTED why? because they leaved a trace LOL!, upon checking on the ANTUTU BENCHMARK. it says SU on /xbin is detected but the SUPERSU.apk is not detected.

    So in short all we need to do is install the apk of the superSU or superuser, this 2 files are different, so we tried both of this and upon checking if you install the superSU it will fail to install but when you install the SuperUser it will work fine and viola you are now rooted. so here is the very simple process on how to do that.

    1. goto the google playstore and login your account and type in the search box SUPERUSER and you will see the SUPERUSER by chainsDD so choose that and install an after that viola your already rooted 🙂

    big credit to Ish Guidote of the fusion bolt group for discovering this first 🙂

    search for it and viola your done! you can check it via ROOT CHECKER if you have doubt

    OPTIONAL: if you don’t want to use the supersu app you can just overwrite it with the supersu, since you are already rooted you can just paste the apk on the /system folder 🙂 enjoy!

    sidenote: we are not sure if this still voids your warranty because they gave it as a pre-rooted, but be warned that it is always that ROOTING YOUR PHONE WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. so use it wisely we will not be held liable in anyway if your phone will be bricked after doing this.

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