How to Root and Unroot Kata i3 — Easiest Way


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    How to Root and Unroot Kata i3 — Easiest Way

    As a reminder always, Rooting will Void your Warranty BUT if you know how to unroot your phone your warranty will still be valid. also take note that Rooting will not brick your phone UNLESS you will do something on your that will make it malfunction.

    Rooting will not Brick your phone

    Anyways without further ado here is the Quick tutorial on how to Root and Unroot your Kata i3.

    How to Root Kata i3

    Step 1: Download the latest build of the Framaroot which is upon writing this post it is on version 1.9.1 Official thread is located here.

    Step 2: Install Framaroot 1.9.1

    Step 3: Once installed open it and you will the Install SuperSU select that and click Barahir NOT THE Boromir nor the Faramir.

    Step 4: Once you have click that it will show this

    Step 5: Reboot your phone and now you will see the SuperSU icon on your phone.

    How to Unroot Kata i3

    Step 1: Since we already installed the Framaroot all we need to do is open it again.

    Step 2: in the “Select an action to execute after root” Select “Unroot

    Step 3: Click Barahir not Boromir nor Faramir

    Step 4: It will prompt “Unroot Done” it means you have successfully Unroot your phone you can double check if the SuperSU is deleted if you don’t see it, it only means you are already unrooted

    Step 5: Reboot and Enjoy your warranty again 🙂

    Friendly Reminder if you don’t know what Rooting is do not Root your phone! Rooting is just for Advance users.

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