Intel to release a 15-core Xeon CPU


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    Intel to release a 15-core Xeon CPU

    Intel is about to release a 15-core Xeon CPU capable of being installed on a motherboard that can handle 8-processors and up to 240 threads.

    Xeon 15-Core CPU

    the said new 15-core Xeon CPU, will feature 4.31 billion transistors, a 3.8GHz Turbo Frequency, 155W TDP, 40 PCIe lanes, and will join the Xeon E7 line-up.

    When this released we can expect new native 15-core processor to be joined by seven other CPUs for a total of eight CPUs, with Hyper-Threading and up to 240 threads we can expect on this badass baby thanks to this new processor. 🙂 The new Ivy Bridge-EX processor will feature 15 cores/30 threads, 37.5MB of L3 cache, and will also support DDR3–1600MHz RAM with a price close to $5000 when it lands. insane!

    The said new 15-core CPU will use the LGA2011 socket and will be named as the Xeon E7–8890 v2 CPU, and of course we might see 8 members in the Xeon E7–8xxx v2 range with different price points.


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