How to Download new Hangouts,Google Launcher and the Nexus 5 wallpaper


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    How to Download new Hangouts,Google Launcher and the Nexus 5 wallpaper

    So you know that Nexus 5 already available in the market and you also know that the Android Kitkat 4.4 is now Available for Nexus 5 but of course we can’t helped to get curious if we can have all the new features of the Android Kitkat 4.4 so here are some of the APK’s where you can download then and use it on your phone 😀 well thanks to Ron Amadeo for pulling this off 😀

    my mediafire link

    Update: Force closes fixed!
    The amazing people over at XDA-Developers seem to have found a way to permanently fix the force close issue on the Google Launcher. The good news, it does work (we’ve tested it). The bad news is you have to have root in order to apply the fix. So if you don’t have root you’re stuck with the fix above until a fix comes along for you folks. If you have root, follow the instructions below!

    • Head to this XDA post.
    • Download the
    • Once downloaded, extract the file.
    • Move the file to /system/lib
    • Voice Search will Force Close one more time. When it’s done, it should work flawlessly.

    – quote from android authority

    and here is the best part Phandroid managed to get the launcher extracted and uploaded.

    for many, you may run into an error where the Voice Search will force close. We have the solution for you.

    • Go into Settings, then Language & Input
    • Change the default system language to anything other than English (we used Spanish).
    • Go back to the home screen and use Voice Search to search for something in the new language (we chose the phrase “Necesito Android!”)
    • Once the search has completed successfully, go back into Language & Input and change the default language back to English.
    • profit!


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